Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 9 Up—Emrys of the Fae has been given a All That Glows – Kindle edition by Ryan Graudin. Download it. All That Glows. “A paranormal romance that’s notable Fans will come away with a heroine they can both root and care for.” – Kirkus. “Filled with action, humor . For fans of Maggie Stiefvater and Lesley Livingston comes a clever twist on the mortal/immortal love story by hot debut author Ryan Graudin. Intense and elec.

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To ask other readers questions about All That Glowsplease sign up. Their romance was just lovely. I need some build up! Gkows the pain has been latent over the past few weeks, its return is fiery and lancing. Then it became page after page of redundancies and so many scenes that did nothing to advance the plot. The doubt, I hate it when heroines start doubting. I felt bad for her when kieran died. Really, this book is a romance and not a swoony onethat tries to add a little intrigue and tension by having Richard be the target of a glowss vague but apparently very threatening evil Faery.

Amazon Gpows Digital Educational Resources. I didn’t care for Richard. I didn’t get much of a sense of danger while reading, and nothing really jumped out at me at any point.

All That Glows

I’m not a huge fan of pink, but I love the swirls of shades of pink and the occasional purple. She finds it difficult to take a more sideline role. Meanwhile, dark forces are gathering to destroy the mortal world, and the British monarchy is the focus of their efforts. It has several layers that all intertwine to create a beautiful and thrilling novel. I know that Emyrs falling in love with Richard is kind of taboo but I need to know how bad it is, I need some point of reference for how bad it is.


It didn’t feel momentous, you can’t really tell the highs and the lows from the tone, you’re just supposed to be able to figure it out.

Ryan Graudin was born in Charleston, South Carolina, with a severe case of wanderlust. Meanwhile, you have kings and queens and carriages and swords. But Emrys will do anything to get Richard, even in everyone believes that she is the one who did him away.

It’s a sad sort of funny.

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Then there is the ending. Like the sound of a sleeping bear poked into drowsiness. There is a historical part to this book that the author uses a lot, and I liked this.

I was able to jump right in and start reading it. Can Richard give Emry what she needs in order to make the sacrifice worth it? He gave her his heart and she gave him her immortality. That’s until she meets Prince Richard. It’ll be a nice standalone in my head, how’s that?

ryangraudin | ALL THAT GLOWS

I hated how the book ended with her, she could had a happy ending too. Graudin, however, offered a little mercy to the readers by developing the romance properly. Scarcely does a moment go by when Emrys doesn’t feel faint.

But yeah, here’s some problems I had with this book: Ad-hen were certainly very interesting and I really liked their place in the novel as well as the riddles we were given to figure out who was behind everything that was happening.

Jan 28, Laura Greenwood rated it really liked it Shelves: I’ll be reading more of Graudin’s work!

Lots of snark and awful metaphors and whatnot. It was each individual story weaving together that made it magical, and that included the legends and folklore surrounding Camelot. Since being irresponsible most of the time and drinking, the dark spirits wants him. His jacket crumples like a dead animal on the rug.


That’s when I was truly unable to stop reading it until I knew how this story would end.


Jesus Fucking Christ, the man isn’t even awake and she’s feeling shit for him already. Some argue that it is too descriptive and flowery, but I felt it flowed naturally with braudin story and enhanced the feel of the book.

She’s adjusting hlows her new life as a mortal and is doing a pretty good job, in my opinion. But one incident changes everything. It was different from the typical faerie books. Dec 05, Tabitha rated lgows it was ok Shelves: I’m a glacier, plunging, falling apart against the sea. I thought the power dynamics would be knocked on their tiny heads. But blind eyes still need to see! And since well written fairy lore fiction is about as hard to find as fairies themselves, I just assumed this book would be a garbage fire.

All That Glows : Ryan Graudin :

Have romantic meals with Richard fraudin a sunlit balcony. And can Emrys ever give up everything to really be with him? The veiling spell is still fighting, wriggling out of my control like an eel caught by its tail. Contact Contact Us Help.

Emrys is powerless after giving up her magic to be with Richard, but questions her sacrifice as Richard becomes more distant due to him running the new society he’s begun creating.