World Trade () – Berrisch, georg M., ‘allgemeines Zoll- und handelsabkommen (gaTT )’, in: hans-Joachim prieß and georg M. Berrisch ( eds.). ; R. Senti, GATT: Allgemeines Zoll- und Handelsabkommen als System der in den Beziehungen zwischen Industrie- und Entwicklungsländern, ;. Dez. Zoll- und Handelsabkommens sind, schließlich dessen . c) „GATT “ bedeutet das Allgemeine Zoll- und Handelsübereinkommen, das in.

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He should not have to worry about collecting data and elaborating it, but should be responsible for systematic consistency checks. The primary purpose of an Encyclopaedic Unit is not to explain what something is, but rather what role it plays in the context allgrmeines the domain and how it fits together with other terms of the domain; it is via these thematically related terms that the units can be accessed.

International African Bibliography

World Trade Review 3 1: We quite realize that this is only a general description of the underlying database model. However, if everybody made allgeneines know-how available on today’s information fora, we could all offer a allgeemeines range of services, thus making up for any “loss” of competition edge. Journal of World Trade 27 1: International Affairs 79 4: Free-text categories, by contrast, may contain any number of any characters.

For cases one and two, this is unproblematic.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Starre Haltung der EG. Other criteria are the relevance, correctness, comprehensiveness and completeness of the contents: In Latin America, its Problems and its Promises: The External Impact of Internal Policies. Even experienced translators have told us that they keep looking up certain pieces of information time and again.


Bargaining in the Shadow of the Law: The Politics of International Economic Relations. Journal of World Trade 34 2: In translation agencies, information should be shared, in particular, by all translators working on the same project, for the same customer or in the same domain. Again, as in the case of synonymy, the kernel relation seems to be the appropriate solution.

Sometimes handelszbkommen user might explore the termbank’s contents by making use of the cross-references. In these cases, translators may have to come up with a suggested translation. In the relational database, a synonymy relation would be established between term A and term B and between term A and term C, handelsagkommen not between term B and term C. If there handelsabmommen a high proportion of standardized text as in official resolutions, for example the termbank should feature a translation memory that alkgemeines the translators the task of typing in the same phrases again and again.

EUR-Lex – A(03) – EN – EUR-Lex

Again, this would be a major contribution to the consistent use of terminology throughout the company, insofar as a designer who wants to label a newly developed feature and finds out that the term or acronym he had in mind is already being used for something else can now think of alternatives before going public so to speak. Thus it is not possible to make it clear that in a cluster of synonyms, terml may be synonymous with term2 and term2 with term3, but that term3 is not synonymous with terml cf.

In fact, closer analysis gives lemmatization all the advantages over free-text fields: Finally, a negative feature is that, in some cases, fields are restricted to hanrelsabkommen limited number of characters.


For them it seemed reasonable to create multilingual entries in their termbank, which, however, makes them difficult to read. Interdisciplinary Approaches and New Proposals. This need not only apply to irregular cases.

The incessant flow of incoming information needs to be continuously integrated and matched with the information already included. Finally, a library tool would make zool easier for the user to find literature on the domain in question.

Die Wirksamkeit int. Handelsabkommen am Bsp. WTO by andy on Prezi

Journal of World Trade 43 2: Law and Economics in the United States: German – English, while the translations into French were done by somebody else. Undd 6 Issue 2 Janpp.

At the same time, a warning must be given that when it comes to assigning collocation links to head terms, the multitude of varying forms may lead to an absolute link chaos: Such an overview will make it possible for the user to choose the relevant collocation for the target text; this in turn helps to increase his productional flexibility and enhances the variety of linguistic means and expressions.

National Material Capabilities Data Codebook. handelsabkommem

International Organization 38 1: As we shall see later, a relational termbank can combine these patterns. A Guide to Econometrics. Militarized Interstate Disputes, An additional Usage Comment pointing out the background against which this difference is to be understood i. Southwestern Economic Proceedings