‘The Anatomy of Slavespeak’ by Frederick Mann Slavespeak: the language used to subjugate, control and dominate others. Slavespeak includes words like. THE ANATOMY OF SLAVESPEAK 0 votesFor those of you who are Artists in the Medium of Living, and UP FOR the totality of the reality of LIFE, what enhances it, what decays it (both necessary.

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This is so because humans are volitional entities anahomy minds to think, decide, and initiate independent action. Where has he acquired enough eyes to spy upon you, if you do not provide them yourselves?

For more details on GS, you may want to check out the following two websites and their links to other sites:.

I came across this site years ago and printed out Slavespeak and read it and it made sense. The history books do not describe it this way, but that is what it was… It may have been the slickest, smoothest, most well-lubricated coup any nation has ever experienced.

Consider the possibility that inducing people to accept and use Slavespeak words is the most destructive form of deep-cheating — that has resulted in over a hundred million people being slaughtered during the Twentieth Century. Threats of violence are almost always expressed in words. I thought he would fall off his chair. The wise despot, therefore, maintains among his subjects a popular sense that they are helpless and ineffectual. This information is free for personal use only.

Can we create anything physical, without first creating it internally in a form that includes meaning? Wanderlust Campers Africa Travel Agency. Wednesday, Aug 1, I offer you this sign: Hypostatization closely resembles reification — regarding something abstract as a material thing.


All cows look the same to me! But what would happen if a critical mass of enlightened, emancipated former victims were to reject terrocrat words, were to stop believing them, were to attack and ridicule them whenever appropriate, and were to carefully and judiciously stop obeying them?

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Most events tend to have many causes and many effects. We are encased in fossil metaphors; verbal chains guide us through our daily reality-labyrinth.

His techniques require neither skill nor effort: When you find an individual is lying to you, you know that the individual is trying to control you.

the anatomy of slavespeak

Different people may assign different meanings to particular words in the same context, and especially in different contexts. An unconscious psychological commitment to failure and poverty. We must continue to remind ourselves that we are not operating in an ideal laboratory stocked with rational people brimming over with rational thoughts.

Thursday, Jul 5, Were you physically dragged into school, or were you persuaded by words to go to school? Correspondingly, you become im….

The Anatomy of Slavespeak

Harper in slaveapeak, and Anger: What could he do if you yourself did not connive with the thief who plunders you, if you were not accomplices of the murderer who kills you, if you were not traitors to yourselves?

I suspect that many people find it difficult to process statements about verbal reality. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Such careers are by nature anti-productive and depend on slavwspeak the public to extract money, respect and power…. He said that our means tend to become more important than our ends. Truly, it beckons to the preachers of death! Non-Elementalism — Not Splitting the Territory. And if a factory is torn down but the rationality which produced it is left standing, then that rationality will simply produce another slaveapeak. A basic understanding of GS cannot but help anyone to understand and transcend Slavespeak.


The task seems impossible, but Zen riddles, Sufi jokes, the works slavespaek Aleister Crowley, and a few heroic efforts by philosophers such as Nietzsche and Wittgenstein seem able to jolt readers awake — shake them out of the hypnosis of words.

A compulsion or obsession to blame others and things or factors outside yourself. The good work which our philological experts have already done in the corruption of human language makes slavesleak unnecessary to warn you that they should never be allowed to give this word a clear and definable meaning.

For I have resolved, myself, og day, That I stand free in body and soul, Not hindered by chains nor ghoul. What success would the slavvespeak have? The unconscious projection of all kinds of powers into the environment. Time and time again this most extreme radical questioned even the words I used, for example: In our metaphor, if we change the software, the computer operates in a new way. Every artist who moves us, from a movie maker to Beethoven or Shakespeare, is a bit of a hypnotist.