The greatest of all tragedies must be that of the person who dies just outside the gate of life. They are standing, as it were, just outside the Wicket gate to the. LibriVox recording of Around the Wicket Gate by Charles H. Spurgeon. Read in English by MaryAnn Spiegel. Millions of men are in the outlying. Around the Wicket Gate has ratings and 15 reviews. Justin said: I don’t know how anyone could dislike Spurgeon. This is a delightful little books fil.

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Seeing a sweet country girl standing at the gate, a tourist went up to her, and offered her a shilling to permit him to pass. I am utterly destitute. Justice cannot twice demand a recompense: The books of Scripture are the lilies among which he feedeth. It would, be strange indeed if it were not to be the case. This book speaks very plainly for one that contains such an unfamiliar word in the title. This book is not a bad book by any means.

The Lord Jesus gives to his sheep eternal life, and do not be at rest until you have it. I could not make up so much as a rag, or a piece of a rag. A door may spuregon closed, not by a great stone which all can see, but by an invisible bolt which shoots into a holdfast quite out of sight.

This is the way to live. The linen does not heal; that is the work of the ointment. If we are sensible, we shall pray that our anxiety about our souls may never come to an end till we are really and truly saved.


Around the Wicket Gate — C. H. Spurgeon

Do you fear that you would not be saved if you followed it? A man cannot aroudn made white, and yet continue black; he aroune be healed, and yet remain sick; neither can anyone be saved, and be still a lover of evil. No virtue is impossible to him that believeth in Jesus, and no sin need have victory over him. Let him not dream that the holy Jesus will be the patron of iniquity. Do not be content with the notion that you can receive a new birth which will die out, a heavenly life which will expire, a pardon which will be recalled.

The word “stripes” is used to set forth his sufferings, both of body and of soul.

Around the Wicket Gate

If even to add to his words is to draw a curse upon ourselves, what must it be to pretend to add to himself? This is full often a sign that salvation is coming to us.

After reading the letter, he hastily tore off his dirty apron, and did not stop to see the pork cut up into sausages, but left the shop to make preparations for going home to Germany. Are you still an unbeliever? Now that you are willing to be made whole, the great difficulty is removed. The Bible is the window through which we may look and see our Lord. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. You will be the first against whom he has shut the door of hope. But as you must perish if you do not trust, the risk at the worst is not very great.


It is precisely so with believing. If I were drowning, I should sooner catch at a straw than push a life-belt away from me. Yet the Lord works by means; and I have prepared this little book in the earnest hope that he may work by it to the blessed end of leading seekers to an immediate, simple trust in the Lord Jesus.

It is the ivy which is killing the tree, and if you want the tree saved, you cannot save the ivy.

It is not what you feel that will save you, but what Jesus felt. But before he begins to use his ax and his knife, he is told that he must not cut away the ivy.

There is the way of salvation, and to enter you must trust Christ; but there is nothing hard in the fact that you must perish if you will not trust the Savior.

Josh rated it liked it Jan 19, To imagine that he cannot save to the uttermost is to limit the Holy One of Israel, and put a slur upon his power; or else to slander the loving heart of the Friend of sinners, and cast a doubt upon his love.