2 1. ABOUT THE TRAINING SITE DESCRIPTION OF THE COMPANY ASELSAN A.Ş. As a developer of statü of the art Land, Air, Naval and Space. Aselsan Staj Aselsan Staj. November 14, | Author: hittaf_05 | Category: Drilling, Machining, Welding, Bending, Share Embed Donate. Report this link. of a company (like TUBITAK) or different departments of a company (like ASELSAN) is not . You report should start with a Cover Page and Table of . of the grades on the “Staj Değerlendirme Formu” must be at least 7.

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This represents a type of transformer: Oftentimes the notches or teeth are termed salient poles. The contact scheme incorporates a brush assembly to make direct electrical contact with the electrically conductive paths of the coded disk to read address information.

Thus for the linear type of control, power is delivered constantly, not in discrete pulses like the SCR control. By the addition of an appropriate feedback sensor, this becomes gaporu viable consideration for some positioning applications. In conclusion, servos stxj compensated or “tuned” via adjustments of gain and response so that the machine will produce accurate parts at a high productivity rate.

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Internally, a “signal” winding rotor revolves inside a fixed stator. One type of semiconductor is the SCR silicon controller rectifier which will be connected to the AC line voltage. Vector control slip control from a closed loop drive system can be used to keep the motor operating at this optimum point on the curve. The command signal goes out to move the motorand xtaj signal is returned the feedback to the control to inform the control of what has occurred.


It is not good for applications with varying loads, it is possible for a stepper motor to lose steps, its energy efficiency level is low and it has resonance areas which must be avoided.

The rotor construction enables this type of motor to rotate at the same speed in synchronization as the stator field. Our objective is to become one of the top 50 aselsqn in the world through the development of original and national opportunities and talents of the highest level. The load is now in position. As we apply a load, the rotor begins to slow down which creates slip. This is attributed to the range of frequencies which the human ear can detect, i.

The self excited motor may be called reluctance synchronous includes a rotor with notches, or teeth, on the periphery. By dtaj a voltage asepsan the primary of the transformer winding, a current flow results and induces current in the secondary winding.

Those that require control over a variety of complex motion profiles. In reviewing literature, care must be exercised to determine the definition of ripple since there are three methods of presenting the data: This induced voltage will cause a current to flow in the rotor and will generate a magnetic field.

Aselsan Staj

Because of the strong field on one side of the conductor and a weak field or, the other side, the conductor will be pushed into the weaker field. The machine must produce accurate parts and have high staaj. Why then, are not adelsan servos designed with high gain high accuracy and wide bandwidth fast response?


An input signal loads a counter with positioning information. This type of encoder employs either contact brush or non-contact schemes of sensing position. If this occurs, the synchronous motor operates at low frequency and at very irregular speeds, resulting in audible noise. As it rotates, it will be pulled by the magnetic force of sfaj unlike poles.

It was a good experience to me. This is to prevent overshooting the desired position. The three windings are Figure 5.

2013_aselsan staj raporu.docx

The induction motor operates much the rapru way that the synchronous motor does It uses the same magnetic principles to couple the stator and the rotor. It also supplies any low level voltage required for operation of integrated circuits. The output from the photosensor can be either a sine or square wave signal.

Gain, therefore is a measure of the amplification of the input signal. In mechanical engineering the manufacturing technologies have an important role. Rotor slots are filled with conductive material copper or aluminum and are short-circuited upon themselves by the conductive end pieces.