User Manual Library .. MANUALS · ADDITIONAL PRODUCT SUPPORT · SERVICE & REPAIR · ABOUT SUPPORT. DRIVERS . Color imageCLASS MFc. Color imageCLASS MFc. Drivers & Downloads; Manuals. Technical support for this product is provided exclusively through our Knowledge Base. Please. View and Download Canon ImageCLASS MFc basic manual online. Canon All in One Printer Canon MF Series Service Manual. All in one printer.

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Right Cover Chapter 3 F 3. The machine applies a positive DC bias to its pressure roller for the purpose of reinforcing the retention of toner on print paper, consequently preventing stray toner.

Page Jan 20 Please click below to find a quick resolution to your inquiry. Chrome A grey bar will appear at the bottom of your browser window which will contain your download. Page 81 Contents Contents 3. The driver may be included in your OS or you may not need a driver.

Page Lock the drum cartridge by pushing it down toward you b. Open the sub-output tray. The exposure has to be manually adjusted in color copying. Open the document in an application.

Careless handling can damage delicate mechanical parts or cause deterioration of the print quality. Cross Sectional View Chapter 1 1. The machine begins scanning from the first page of the document. Page The installed toner cartridge cannot guarantee the print quality.

Chapter 3 F 3. F 2 Disconnect the connector [1], and remove the 3 screws [2]; then, detach the rotary drive assembly [3]. The operations of this control are described in the following: If you must detach the lower case assembly, base user to hold it by its bottom so as to avoid injury by the edge of its side plate. Page 59 Click the corresponding printer driver icon.


Chapter 3 F 5 Remove the 2 screws [1] from the back; then, shift the scanner unit [2] to F the back, and lift it to detach. Where you set up your documents depends on the size and type of documents you want to scan.

Page See “Loading Paper,” on p. When attaching the top cover, be sure to fit the link lever [2] while keeping the drive release lever [1] in up position i. Hold the grip on the fuser unit and remove it. Page 4 Introduction Symbols Used This documentation uses the following symbols to indicate special information: F 3 Remove the ferrite core [1] from behind the scanner unit; then, free the harness from the tape [2].

Spread the paper guides a little wider than the actual paper width. Chapter 2 The machine uses an on-demand method, which requires a low thermal capacity. Insert the cassette as far as it will go.

Machine Settings This chapter explains how to adjust machine settings. At the completion of secondary transfer, a DC negative bias is applied to the secondary transfer roller to avoid soiling the back of paper with the toner on the ITB. Loading Paper Loading Paper This section describes how to load paper in the cassette and the multi-purpose tray.

The printer charges the uncharged toner by applying DC bias onto the blade inside the toner cartridge.

Canon ImageCLASS MF8180c Basic Manual

Page 19 There are some areas inside the machine which are subject to high-voltages. In full-color printing, the detection is performed for the cartridges in each color. Visit the Canon Online Store. If paper is jammed in the removed drum cartridge, do not try to pull maunal paper out forcefully but see “Paper Jam in the Drum Cartridge,” on p.


Load the canoon stack so that the bottom of the page touches the paper guide. General Problems 3 minutes to 5 minutes until the temperature inside the machine lowers, then plug it in again.

Drivers Software Firmware Utilities Loading Chapter 3 [1] [2] F 3. Page of Go. Page Lift the scanning platform a and open the cartridge cover until it is locked b when the whirring sound stops.

This is caused by paste, ink, correction fluid, or other foreign matters in mf180c read area of the platen glass shaded area. This printer utilizes three protective functions performed by the following parts, to prevent an abnormal temperature rise of the heater: The machine begins scanning. Removing The Registration Clutch Chapter 3 3. Page Chapter 3 F 3 Remove the 3 binding screws [1] and 2 TP screws [2]; then, disconnect the connector [3], and detach the top cover [4].

Loading Paper in the Multi-Purpose Tray Use the multi-purpose tray when you want to copy or print on the different paper which is in the cassette.

Printer User Manual

Lift the cover and remove the jammed paper Clearing Jams Once the machine starts cleaning, you will not be seevice to stop it in the middle. If you encounter a problem with the machine’s operation, try to solve it by using the information in Chapter 9, “Troubleshooting. Do not apply shock to the drum cartridge memory or bring it near magnetic waves. Wait for a while. Secondary transfer The toner on the ITB is transferred onto paper in this step.