The prototypes for the low-level CBLAS functions are declared in the file gsl_cblas.h. For the definition of the functions consult the documentation available from. This article shows how to use cblas (and others) in C with a simple example: To test the BLAS routines we want to perform a simple matrix-vector multiplication . Gentoo package sci-libs/cblas-reference: C wrapper interface to the F77 reference BLAS implementation in the Gentoo Packages Database.

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This question appears to be off-topic. Machine-specific optimized BLAS libraries are available for a variety of reerence architectures. SSBMV – symmetric banded matrix vector multiply.

Generates a modified Givens rotation matrix. SGBMV – banded matrix vector multiply. SSYR2 – performs the symmetric rank 2 operation, A: ZCOPY – copy x into y.

ZTRSM – solving triangular matrix with multiple right hand sides. Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it.


Rank-k update—multiplies a Hermitian matrix by its transpose and adds a second matrix single precision. If you modify the source for these routines we ask that you change the name of the routine and comment the changes made to the original. CHER – hermitian rank 1 operation A: ZSYR2K – symmetric rank-2k update to a matrix.

Scales a symmetric band matrix, then multiplies by a vector, then adds a vector single-precision. ZSYRK – symmetric rank-k update to a matrix.

CHPMV – hermitian packed matrix vector multiply. SSWAP – swap x and y. SSPMV – symmetric packed matrix vector multiply. Double-Precision Float Matrix Functions. On April an oral history interview was conducted as part of the SIAM project on the history of software for scientific computing cblad numerical analysis. ZSYMM – symmetric matrix matrix multiply. DTBSV – solving triangular banded matrix problems.

reference – Any good documentation for the cblas interface? – Stack Overflow

ZHBMV – hermitian banded matrix vector multiply. We will gladly answer any questions regarding the software. DSBMV – symmetric banded matrix vector multiply. The reference BLAS is a freely-available software package.


SSYRK – symmetric rank-k update to a matrix. ZTBSV – solving triangular banded matrix problems. CHER2K – hermitian rank-2k update to a matrix. DSYMV – symmetric matrix vector multiply.


Hermitian rank 1 update: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. CTRMV – triangular matrix vector multiply.

DSYR – performs the symmetric rank 1 operation A: SSYR – performs the symmetric rank 1 operation Refrence SGEMV – matrix vector multiply. DTRMM – triangular matrix matrix multiply. However, keep in mind that this is a reference implementation and is not optimized.

Can someone recommend a good reference or tutorial for the cblas interface? Sets an error handler function.