Chrononauts Official Rules. Table of Contents. Executive Summary Getting Started Immediately: Starting Playing Winning; Detailed Overview Three Ways to . In Chrononauts, each player becomes a time traveler, with a unique identity and a secret mission. During the game, players travel backwards and forwards. Chrononauts» Forums» Rules. Subject: Memo card question · rss · New Thread · Printer Friendly; Subscribe sub options; Bookmark; Thread.

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The 80 card play deck white bordered contains 20 Inverters, 21 Patches, 15 Artifacts, 10 Timewarps, and 14 Actions.

To flip a Ripplepoint, you must locate the correct Linchpin s that precedes it, and use Inverter s there, thus causing the desired Ripplepoint to flip indirectly.

Players may only play their cards rulss their own turns, with chornonauts exception: Actions are single-use event cards that each have their own special instructions. If too many of them occur at once, they will cause a chain reaction that unravels the Time-Space Continuum and obliterates the Entire Known Universe. Retrieved from ” https: This means they won’t necessarily fit, and may be nullified without the accompanying closure of the Paradox.

JFK’s assassination and the successful launch of Sputnik Chronnauts you just looked at the time, you are honor bound to disqualify yourself. What time is it?

If you do this, you may choose to discard a second card, and draw one. History’s big, and there are so many interesting things a chrononaut could do that there’s just no way we could include everything, or even anything close to that, in this game.

Inverters are used to reverse Linchpins. Retrieved June 24, None of these cards may be harvested with the Rewind or the Quick Trip.


And how could you leave out Event Y? Although a time machine allows you to travel backwards or forwards to any point in history you choose, history can only be changed in this game, anyway at 13 pivotal moments in recent history, times when chronnonauts world changed overnight because of an event that a time traveler could easily reshape.

Chrononauts Official Rules

To put it another way, if ever there are 13 open Paradoxes on the TimeLine at the same time, the universe is completely destroyed and all players lose. To win, you must get all eight of your characters home before you run out of cards. Choose one of your five cards and play it just as you would in the full game, except without drawing an extra card after playing a Patch. While there should always be a TimeKeeper on duty making sure the TimeLine is configured properly, each player is encouraged to flip the cards on the TimeLine themselves whenever they play Inverters.

This game is a work of fiction, and satire, and no disrespect is intended towards the memory, or the survivors, of anything in this game. Views Read Edit View history.

And most of these stories are sketchy or incomplete, with you, the players, providing the endings and filling in the gaps. To Patch a year, simply place the Patch card over the appropriate Paradox.

Remember that a Memo must be used to stop a card as it’s being played. If, after you’ve completed your turn, you have 10 cards in your hand not counting your ID and Mission cards you win!


Official website not in Wikidata Pages using infobox game with unknown parameters All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Chrononauts Home Product Description How do you rulez But no whining the second time. Out of the Box. The game’s second edition was published in The Memo can be played out of turn; Chrojonauts Forward lets you take two extra turns in a row; and the last two let you steal cards from the past or future and play them in the present.


Some Patches, specifically andhave special properties; see “Temporal Anomalies” below. It’s just too bad that the same kind of ingenuity wasn’t put into the game play. Remove and set aside all the Artifacts, Actions, Timewarp, and Mission cards. You should not reveal your Dhrononauts to anyone until the game ends unless you are required to because Your Parents Never Met. It’s special for three reasons.

Moreover, while your gaming group is doing that, you that’s right, you, the person who actually reads the rules might want to use the rest of the cards to play a game of Solonautsso that you can learn your way around the TimeLine and thus be ready to act as TimeKeeper see below when your group starts playing the full game. But we had rulds draw the line somewhere. In this third case, Fate or the Time Police will always prevent you from stopping the Kennedy assassination, but still allow you to alter the destiny of someone unimportant.