Bishop Kaye (Some Account of the Writings and Opinions of Clement of Alexandria, p. 48) translates, “receiving from man that which made man (that on account. Title: The Instructor (Paedagogus). Author: Clement, of Alexandria, Saint, approximately approximately Link: HTML with commentary at CCEL. Paedagogus by Clement of Alexandria. Also spelled “Pædagogus”, originally παιδαγωγός in Greek, commonly translated as “The Instructor” or.

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Clement of Alexandria

And other things also are exhibited figuratively. Nay, you are not prohibited from conducting affairs in the world decorously according to God. Innumerable commands such as these are written in the holy Bible appertaining to chosen personssome to presbyterssome to bishopssome to deaconsothers to widowsof whom we shall have another opportunity of speaking.

Avenging justice follows their audacious deedsand, dragging on themselves inevitable calamity, they purchase death for a small sum of money. It is right, then, for men to repose confidence in their wives, and commit the charge paeadgogus the household to them, as alexanxria are given to be their helpers in this.

We must, then, cast away the multitude of vessels, silver and gold drinking cups, off the crowd of domestics, receiving as we have done from the Instructor the fair and grave attendants, Self-help and Simplicity.

And nothing is richer than these good things; therefore these alone are rich. Let this water undulate within itself; let this fire restrain its wrath ; let this air wander into ether; and this earth be consolidated, and acquire motion!

The Paedagogus (The Instructor)

He answered, You know the commandments? Moreover, the shape instructs many not to sinbecause it renders detection easy. But whoever neither himself perceives, nor, hearing another, Lays to heart — he is a worthless man. To bathe for the sake of heat is a superfluity, since one may restore what is frozen by the cold in other ways. Given to hospitality; communicating to the necessities of the saints.

Abhor that which is evil ; cleave to that which is good. Wherefore they ppaedagogus seen to be yellow from the use of cosmetics, and susceptible to disease, their flesh, which has been shaded with poisons, being now in a alexandriw state.

The apostle calls the kiss holy. Vigiliae Christianae Supplements Online. Has one yellow eyebrows? But it is not my province, says the Instructor, to teach these any longer.

For as it is best that labour should precede food, so to labour above measure is both very bad, very exhausting, and apt to make us ill.


But in the evening this spurious beauty creeps out to candle-light as out of a hole; for drunkenness and the dimness of the light aid what they have put on. And she will never fall, who puts before her eyes modesty, and her shawl; nor will she invite another to fall into sin by uncovering her face.

What, then, is the fruit of such prayer? The sacrifice of the Lord is, He says, a broken heart. But since they wish their wives to be unhappy in mindlet the latter, if they would be chaste, make it their aim to allay by degrees the irrational impulses and passions of their husbands.

By making additions, to render it straight, such as the nurses we see in the comic poets, She draws back, as it were, by these poles, the protuberance of the stomach in front.

She stitches cork into her shoe-sole. But feminine motions, dissoluteness, and luxury, are to be entirely prohibited.

For the divine apostle most beautifully counsels us to put on Jesus Christand make no provision for the lusts of the flesh. Heat, when agitated by moving causes, is a thing which attracts to itself; and when it does attract, it gently exhales through the flesh itself, when warmed, the abundance of food, with some moisture, but with excess of heat.

And I cannot for shame come to the assistance of women held up to such ridicule in comedy. Whom does he bless?

The Instructor (Paedagogus), by Clement of Alexandria | The Online Books Page

When I want to form man, I want matter, and have matter in the elements. And the Lord being one, is the same Instructor by all these. Hear, He says, O child, who art rightly instructed, the principal points of salvation.

Is it not monstrous, that while horses, birds, and the rest of the animals, spring and bound from the grass and meadows, rejoicing in ornament that is their own, in mane, and natural color, and paedagoguss plumage; womanas if inferior to the brute creation, should think herself so unlovely as to need foreign, and bought, and painted beauty?

Nay, in laying aside the artificial mask of solemnitythey are proved to be what they secretly were.

For a pious woman is blessed; and let her praise the fear of the Lord. And so very rarely does he inherit the kingdom of God. A cropped head not only shows a man to be gave, but renders the cranium less liable to injury, by accustoming it to the presence of both cold and heat; and it averts the mischiefs arising from these, which the hair absorbs into itself like a sponge, and so inflicts on the brain constant mischief from the moisture. A true gentleman must have no mark of effeminacy visible on his face, or any other part of his body.


Let no blot on his manliness, then, be ever found either in his movements or habits. While he yet retained the ornament, the hair of the chin showed him to be a man. Heaven delights in two charioteers, by whom alone the chariot of fire is guided.

And these women are carried about over the temples, sacrificing and practising divination day by day, spending their time with fortune-tellers, and begging priestsand disreputable old women ; and they keep up old wives’ whisperings over their cups, learning charms and incantations from soothsayers, to the ruin of the nuptial bonds.

Wherefore in the comic poet the sensible woman says, What can we women do wise or brilliant, who sit with hair dyed yellow, outraging the character of gentlewomen; causing the overthrow of houses, the ruin of nuptials, and accusations on the part of children?

But for those who are men to shave and smooth themselves, how ignoble!

There must be therefore no plucking out, contrary to God’s appointment, which has counted them in according to His will. For dazzling thus those fond of display, they artfully try to win the admiration of their lovers, who paedagogis a little insult them naked.

But the best training is good order, which is perfect decorum, and stable and orderly power, which in action maintains consistence in what it does. In brief, A store of excellence is a woman of worth, who eats not the bread of idleness; and the laws of mercy are on her tongue; who opens her mouth wisely and rightly; whose children rise up and call her blessed, as the sacred Word says by Solomon: Unawares the poor wretches destroy their own beauty, by the introduction of paeragogus is spurious.

Knowingthen, the duty of each, pass the time of your sojourning here in fear: If he sin against you seven times in a day, and turn to you the seventh time, and say, I repent, forgive him. Let us not be weary in well-doing: For that style of dress is grave, and protects from being gazed at.