Items 1 – 30 of CS Unitec manufactures pneumatic, electric and hydraulic power tools for the construction industry. We are an Authorized CS Unitec. Ohio Power Tool carries CS Unitec tools and accessories. From circular saws and grinders to sanding belts and polishers, find the Unitec power tools you need !. CS UNITEC Model HB Hydraulic Magnetic Drill – Parts Price List Product Group: A Effective: 8/18/ Not responsible for typographical.

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Tool and Accessory Index: When wet drilling, cutting or grinding, water can be continuously pumped to the work area, then vacuumed and filtered in the tank. Power Assist The Power Assist is a standard capstan, designed with delayed torque transfer.

Model 2 Power Page Annular Cutters These filters are washable and reusable. When hole is complete, the slug is automatically ejected from the cutter. No more searching for allen keys or dom screws — just twist and lock.

Multi-purpose Beveling Machine – CS Unitec

Boiler and process plant construction: Hand-held Hydraulic Core Drill Model 2 16 lbs. With a name you can trust, CS Unitec delivers high quality products designed to make the job easier.

It is the least expensive system if you will tap more than 4 sizes. Centreless Centerless Grinding Machine Machines Technology of centerless grinding as well as centerless grinding machines from Koyo Machine system. A wide speed range, high torque and a comprehensive line of accessories make this an essential tool for metal fabricators and other industries. Stainless steel canister can either be tilted above or lifted out of cart below. Modern Machine Shop Grinding Equipment. This prevents the concrete from hardening in the tank.


Multi-purpose Beveling Machine – CS Unitec Pages 1 – 4 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Wall Thickness 6 inches 8 inches 10 inches Lineal Cutting Feet feet 75 feet 60 feet The cutting life of the chains is not guaranteed. Determine the Length of Cut in feet. An integrated sump pump delivers water from the tank to the tool, then the vacuum suction brings the water back to the tank and into a porous filter bag.

Page 79 Pneumatic Wood Drills Electronic torque limitation and speed control guarantee constant RPM, even under load. High-density HD dual-coil magnets are wound in two circles to increase the surface area and density priceelist the magnetic field.

Rig with motor weighs only 49 lbs.

Automatic Control senses working load and adjusts to tool demand and returns to idle when load falls below threshold and Always-On which maintains constant engine speed at all work loads.

Model 5 has variable-speed control dial. Mechanical 2-speed gearbox for optimal drilling speeds: The oil flow control is self regulating. This provides increased tool life and reduces cutter breakage. CS Unitec is the industry leader in: Reversible motor for drilling and tapping Ideal for demolition, pipe repair, pallets andapplications more The FOX mini hacksaws — the industry’s most powerful electric recip saws!

Our saws are designed for the toughest service in refineries, power plants, utilities, offshore oil, construction and demolition applications and are ideal for shutdowns and turnarounds in process piping industries.

This is an ideal tool for professional renovation. Optional Power Assist provides delayed torque transfer, decreasing the load on both the cutter and machine. The special air guide maintains equal vacuum pressure inside and outside the bag to make it possible to use the plastic filter bags. Page 31 Cutting Lubricants and Oil This allows grinding right up to the wall see below. The water swivel collar is easily removed to replace the seals.



Please see page 21 for more information. Magnet and drill motor off. Heavy-duty Blades These blades are much thicker than standard blades and have a stronger double-tang mount for heavy-duty cutting, either free-hand or with a clamp.

Choose your Heavy-duty Blades and Chains… Chains and Blades Reciprocating Heavy-duty Thick Our extensive blade line includes a complete range of blades for reciprocating saws. CS Case 4 pricekist Order No. Pages Hydraulic Power Pack Exhaust Air Outlet 3 3 3. Paper Filter Bag — For general debris collection, including normal dust and soot. The motor is air operated and the magnet is mechanical.

The dust guard is vertically adjustable and pricellst directly to a standard vacuum hose. They established a first in when they invented the first pneumatic portable band saw in the world. SDS Plus — Hammer and Drill 1″ bit capacity for drilling concrete and masonry Hammer with Rotation Ideal for concrete drilling Rotation Only Ideal for drilling pricelish and steel Drill concrete anchor holes, thru holes, piping and mechanical openings and other construction and repair work.