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DIN Agitators and baffles for agitator vessels; types, terms and main dimensions. Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering Standards. DIN Agitators and baffles for agitator vessels; types, terms and main dimensions. Title (German). Rührer und Stromstörer für Rührbehälter;.

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This experiment was performed analogous to the Example 1, but with a stirred-tank fermenter with a working volume of l. The shape of the bioreactor is not critical. The test liquid used in the experiments was 0.

Warning Your browser does not currently support JavaScript. The agitator has at least two agitator blades 1 that have segments with distal ends. The position of the bent ends is opposed in Z shape. The drive unit consists of a bench construction having a suspended electric drive motor.

You have no items in your shopping cart. This has hydrodynamic properties coalescence behaviour, oxygen saturation concentration similar to the medium.

Shipbuilding and marine structures Construction materials and building The fall in k L a value which occurs at a speed of rotation of rpm when the inclined-blade agitator type 1 was used occurred in this agitator in the form of a reduced increase. Agitators and baffles for agitator vessels; types, terms and main dimensions.

After three experiments the pO 2 electrode was recalibrated, and during long use of the same medium, the osmolality was checked daily. What is claimed is: Field The invention relates to an agitator suitable for use in bioreactors. In addition, the electrical energy supply is included in the supply unit.

SS-EN Expression of 228131 of fluorometric oxygen analyzers in liquid media.


Depending on the requirements of the measurement control instrumentation of the fermentation, a pO 2 electrode, diin pH electrode, a temperature sensor PT xin, a sampling valve CV 25a turbidity probe and pCO 2 electrode can be used.

Each agitator blade has a plurality of segments, including an upper segment relative to the axis of rotation and a lower segment relative to the axis of rotation. Please note that the selected standard is invalid.

By using the inventive inclined-blade agitator type 3, the k L a value could be increased by a factor of between 1. Rin fermenter was filled with a 0. Preferably, the agitator blades 1 are fixed to a blade mount 3 which serves to receive the agitator shaft 4. Search Expert Search Quick Search.

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PDF – Immediate download – Disc agitators are also disclosed in DE 23 49 and DE 23 51 Contact us svenska Login. It is preferred that the angles of attack of the segments of an agitator blade be the same as the angles of attack for the segments of each additional agitator blade, although, as previously mentioned, the angle of attack of one segment of an agitator blade may be different than the angle of attack of a sin segment of fin same agitator blade.

Kinetics, Marcel Dekker Inc. The pH of 7. For measuring pressure, a pressure paste electrode was used. Valid Buy this standard. These corrections apply to this standard: Its accuracy is tested during ddin and at prescribed time intervals during fermentation by a contact thermometer Type CS Message to your colleague.

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This website uses cookie files. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Two different types of agitators were compared with respect to their oxygen transfer coefficient, K L a, namely a standard inclined-blade agitator SBR Type 1 and an inventive agitator SBR Type 3.


The subject invention will now be described in terms of its preferred embodiments. The agitator blade could also have the shape of a cylindrical section or be bent once or several times to achieve the inventive angle of attack.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The pH and temperature were measured in the fermentation system by probes installed in the probe ring.

Agitator – Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.

Subscribe on standards – Read more. The media osmolality 0. The flow in a propeller agitator is directed axially. Aircraft and space vehicle engineering The segments of the agitator blades are arranged radially to the axis of rotation 2 and inclined at an angle of attack in the direction of rotation relative to the axis of rotation 2.

Mixer and kneader with counteractive blades. To produce the culture dln, the individual constituents are supplemented in heated purified water type 2 in a sterile vessel. In the vessel there are four 2811 having a width of 0.

Correction published on 1. We wish you a pleasant end-of-year holiday. A third type of agitator, the propeller agitator, is used in cell fermentation, but to a far lesser extent than standard disc agitators or inclined-blade agitators. Agitators and baffles for agitator vessels; types, terms and main dimensions.