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Journal of International Business Studies Communicative competence involves being able to use the language appropriate to a given social context.

Their attention is focused on reading the word as a whole and on the shape of the word in order to make the reading fluent, and as a consequence the text is not well understood.

The types of intelligence are the following: The interest perceived will cause the teacher make further efforts to clarify the content. That is why harmonious relationships and high communication within the group are strongly appreciated. From a list of 14 items characterizing the opposition between weak and strong uncertainty avoidance societies, they chose 11 features that bring salavastrj the fore specific behaviour under stressful conditions.

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The ideology of common good, equality and reciprocity resulted in long- term effects as the Romanians had to relearn what individual freedom, self-reliance, ownership and decentralization meant. Consequently, before decoding the message, both the transmitter and the receiver will filter out messages trough a number of personal “screens”.

Globalization beyond Myths, Bucharest: Delivery of ODL programs takes place in didactjca “institutional context,” taking into account didactoca aspects such as coordination, supervision, and articulation with other educational programs. Education should therefore develop awareness of entrepreneurship from an early age.

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For these activities it is necessary to be able to play an instrument, to sing and have artistic skills. The Trap of Globalization, Bucharest: Language teaching has never adopted a methodology based on Chomsky’s work or strictly upon cognitivist theories.

T test was repeated, taking into account the type of attention deficit and hyperactivity. There are now a number of large-scale experiments based on this concept seeeg http: Introducing young people to entrepreneurship develops their initiative and helps them to be more creative and self-confident in whatever they undertake and to act in a socially responsible way. The career decision has three main components that lead to performances and stability in the profesional life.

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In July and August, both solidsquad keygen.

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In our study we used a quantitative method — a questionnaire with 19 questions, excepting the identification questions 5. Conversely, short-term oriented societies praise traditional values and the past, and place emphasis on the present rather than the future.

From this point, there is a need to answer to the following questionsHow much does the teacher say? A good program delivery depends on two aspects: This intervention program was implemented by the teacher during 16 weeks in the case of students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and learning difficulties. Learning and teachers – In addition to the benchmark paihologiei quality training in the face- to-face system such as the depth of knowledge of the instructor, the style of presentation and organizational skills, encouraging dialogue attitudes towards the student, feedback and guidance etc.

salavastru psihologia educatiei pdf free

Based on their answers, we present the following data: Still moral relativism could not be accepted as it leads to the dissolution of values and norms which are vital for the existence of any community. During the research we tried to constantly respond to the question: Besides that, they learn extra-linguistic communication: The decision making process itself includes a number of steps that have a greater or lesser importance in the economy of career decision, based on the content and context of the decision.

In our survey-based study we try to find out how students from different specializations define themselves in terms of entrepreneurship, if they have an entrepreneurial spirit or not.

In the case of the inattentive type there were strong correlations between the variables from neuropsychological tests and those from academic tasks; and although weaker, correlations may be encountered in the combined type as well.


The implementation of a distance learning program should contribute to achieving the vision of the organization. We need good training, good schools, good universities, good research institutions, good infrastructure both for roads and railways and for the data highways. Many pupils labelled with ADD attention deficit disorder are actually pupils with predominant intelligence in other areas than linguistic and logical-mathematic.

The fourth characteristic is creativity. As far as family is concerned, most participants have distinct expectations of male and female roles, or believe in gender differences. In terms of process, communication can be seen as either a linear and unidirectional transmission of messages school as a processor as Palo Alto School, a circular interactiveprocess.

The strategies are the practical way on which the decision maker has stopped to accomplish his objectives. From a list of 15 cultural traits discussed by Hosftede, our respondents selected 8 items representing masculine features and 7 items for the feminine ones. For the following question: We should mention the fact that of the five teachers who gave importance to planning, four have the Ist teaching degree, meaning for them planning may be no longer a priority, due to their great experience, and to the fact that they never had attraction for this stage of planning lessons.

Richard Lewis identified a three-group classification of cultures: The many communication situations allow us to consider this process as being polysemic and simultaneously diversified and nuanced, and due to increasing intervention of modern techniques in human communication. As to boys and girls, they are seen as opposite entities when it comes to conflicts: Borel – Maisonny, S.