An introduction to Easytrieve. The below tutorial gives brief overview of Easytrieve. Structure of an Easytrieve program. Contains 3 sections. iv CA-Easytrieve/Plus User Guide. Chapter 3: Standard Reporting with CA- Easytrieve/Plus. Reports Made Easy-A Tutorial. Easytrieve. Variables. Variable declaration · Declaring working storage variables · COMP and COMP-3 equivalent variables · Variable initialization (VALUE.

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This parameter can take the following values: SUM statement prints the Totals of the specified fields at the end of. Make sure you understand the scope of the job.

If the file type is. Subparameter ‘R’ specifies that the new program replaces an existing program. Produce the final results and check it to make sure you have met all the requirements of the job. Can be used to print Footnotes Scanning and Updating Datasets File-Aid: How Do I Use Evaluate? Tip Customers are notorious for changing their mind and coming back and asking for more data later.

The following will give you the basics of how to write a simple Easytrieve program.

Video of the Day. Structure of an Easytrieve program.

LINK terminates execution after the completion of syntax check and compile. Field names can be a max of 40 characters. Will be executed at the end of rpt. What is the difference between transaction a The proc is executed before each line is printed. Easytrieeve statement is used for writing recs into VSAM files. Will be executed at the end of each page.


Mainframe Tips, Tricks And Tutorials: An introduction to Easytrieve

You may also need to only capture males or females of a certain age. When defining the field, you tutoriao specify the default heading. FILE statement – This statement describes the files accessed by the program. Working with an out file is much easier and not time sensitive. Therefore, if you have already captured the data it is a simple task to add more to the finish product. COL specifies the column number where the next line item is placed.

This will be the place where you send your results. VS Virtual Storage Access method. Each title line is centered within the title area of the report unless we.

Therefore you would need to create two variables; one for the current date and one subtracting the date of birth from the current date variable to get the age of the person.

This could be your customer or your supervisor. N is the number of control fields.

Easytrieve programs –

This can be overridden by the easyhrieve on. Initiation of printed reports. FLOW activates a trace of the statements being executed. MOVE statement does not transfer the value in Numeric form ie. Mainframe Tips, Tricks And Tutorials. DMAP creates a listing of the data map for each file and its.


Whatever the limitations are you want to add them in your program before you go any farther. Default is Ascending order. Understand what you titorial. MOVE statement moves a string from one variable to another.

A field name should contain atleast one alphabet or special char. Create an outfile in your program.


PMAP creates a complete listing of the executable program produced by. A control break occurs whenever the value of any control field.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more, see our about us page: SORT activities create sequenced files. Add any variables that do not exist.

These outputs are used to analyze programming errors that cause abnormal. Easytrieve lets you create new variables by using working storage variables in your program.

This specifies the record format of the file. Used to READ a file sequentially. About the Author This article was written by a professional writer, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.