Op deze pagina vindt u Verdrag inzake de verlening van Europese octrooien ( Europees Octrooiverdrag), München, (Europees. Art. 54 Europees Octrooiverdrag – – Article Novelty 1. An invention shall be considered to be new if it does not form part of the state of the. Art. Europees Octrooiverdrag – – Article Representation before the European Patent Office 1. Representation of natural or legal.

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Cover for expenditure for carrying out special tasks Toon wetstechnische informatie. In the event that special financial contributions were not required in respect of the accounting period immediately preceding the date referred to in paragraph 2, the scale of contributions referred to in that paragraph shall be the scale that would have been applicable to the State concerned in respect of the last year for which financial contributions were required.

Unity of the European patent application or European patent Toon wetstechnische informatie. Request for limitation or revocation Toon wetstechnische informatie. Means and taking of evidence Article The European Patent Office shall act as an elected Office within the meaning of Article 2 xiv of the Cooperation Treaty if the applicant has elected any of the designated States referred to in Articleparagraph 1, or Articleparagraph 2, for which Chapter II of that Treaty has become binding.

The Deputy Chairman shall ex officio replace the Chairman if he is prevented from carrying out his duties. Chapter V Financial provisions. Forwarding of European patent applications. The designation of a Contracting State may be withdrawn at any time up to the grant of the European patent.

The copy must be certified as an exact copy of the previous application by the authority which received the previous application and must be accompanied by a certificate issued by that authority stating the date of filing of the previous application.

Europees Octrooiverdrag – :: voorheen

Administrative structure of the European Patent Office Toon wetstechnische informatie. All sheets shall be free from cracks, furopees and folds. The European Patent Office shall examine whether the requirements laid down in the Implementing Regulations for limiting or revoking the European patent have been met. Time limits Article Notification by post Toon wetstechnische informatie.


Article 96 [Vervallen per ]. Paragraph 6 shall apply mutatis mutandis.

Europees octrooi met eenheidswerking – Wikipedia

octrooiverdarg In order to ensure uniform application of the law, or if a point of law of fundamental importance arises:. It shall not contain statements on the alleged merits or value of the invention or on speculative applications thereof.

Novelty Toon wetstechnische informatie.

Rights conferred by a European patent Article The European patent application as an object of property. Formal requirements for conversion. It shall inform the European Patent Office of the nature and date of receipt of the documents, the application number and any priority date claimed. In proceedings before the European Patent Office the means of giving or obtaining evidence shall include the following:.

During this examination, the Opposition Division shall invite the parties, as often as necessary, to file observations on communications from another party or issued by itself.

In addition, it shall meet on the initiative of its Chairman or at the request of one-third of the Contracting States. Any natural person who.

Priority right Toon wetstechnische informatie. International search report Toon wetstechnische informatie. Receiving Section The Receiving Section shall be responsible for the examination on filing and the examination as to formal requirements of European patent applications. Request for the application of national procedure Toon wetstechnische informatie.

The first sentence shall apply, mutatis mutandis, to the period referred to in Article 77, paragraph 5. That office shall, subject to the provisions governing national security, transmit the request directly to the central industrial property offices of the Contracting States specified therein. Formal requirements for conversion.

Right to be heard and basis of decisions Article European patent applications filed by non-entitled persons Article The Implementing Regulations may rule out further processing for other time limits. Oral proceedings shall take place either at the instance of the European Patent Office if it considers this to be expedient or at the request of any party to the proceedings.

Where such entitlement is not conditional upon the requirement of special professional qualifications, the person shall have regularly so acted in that State for at least five years. In addition, it shall meet on the initiative of its Chairman or at the request of one-third of the Contracting States.


Verdrag inzake de verlening van Europese octrooien (Europees Octrooiverdrag), München, 05-10-1973

If based europeez paragraph 2 ethe petition shall be filed within two months of the date on which the criminal act has been established and in any event no later than five years from notification of the decision of the Board of Appeal.

Eeuropees on prior art Article If the inventor is an employee the right to a European patent shall be determined in accordance with the law of the State in which the employee is mainly employed; if the State in which the employee is mainly employed cannot be determined, the law to be applied shall be that of the State in which the employer has the place of business to which the employee is attached.

EU-lidstaten die het Rechtspraakverdrag geratificeerd hebben. That person shall not be eurpees party to the proceedings.

The amounts of the fees referred to in Article 38 and the proportion referred to in Article 39 shall be fixed at such a level as to euroepes that the revenue in respect thereof is sufficient for the budget of the Organisation to be balanced.

By decision of the Administrative Council, sub-offices of the Cotrooiverdrag Patent Office may be created, if need be, for the purpose of information and liaison, in the Contracting States and with inter-governmental organisations in the field of industrial property, subject to the approval of the Contracting State or organisation concerned.

Assignment Toon wetstechnische informatie. Where, in oral proceedings, decisions under Articleparagraph 2or Articleparagraph 2have been based on documents not complying with Rule 49, euopees 8the proprietor of the patent shall be invited to file the amended text in a form compliant with Rule 49, paragraph 8, within the three-month period.