White Wolf and Exalted are registered trademarks of White Wolf,. Inc. All rights reserved. The Manual of Exalted Power the Sidereals, the Age of Sorrows and the. Exalted: The Sidereals – Born Beneath the Stars of ProphecyThey travel among the gods as officials of high station, and walk secretly among men a. These are the rules for creating and playing Sidereal Exalted. Along with rules, this book includes the setting information for Yu-Shan, also known as Heaven.

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I’m sorry, but we no longer support this web browser. If they aren’t ferried off to Yu-Shan to begin their training pre-Exaltation, the new Seer is usually collected within hours or days of her Exaltation.

They nurtured the nascent Realm into the sprawling empire it is today, rewrote then brought the Immaculate Philosophy to the height it is today, and still continued to fix snags and siderwals in the Tapestry.

Sidereals – 1d4chan

Servants of the goddess Mercurythe Chosen of Journeys serve her as couriers and spies in the Golden Barque of the Heavens. Once it was seen that Creation would indeed survive the twin tragedies, the Viziers once again got to work. Then the Great Contagion struck. You should check them out.

Now, the Solars are once again returning, trying to reclaim their former glory. However, during that time a lot of the glories made by the Solars and Lunars broke down. Their patron is the Maiden Jupiter.

This page was last modified on 11 Decemberat Retrieved from ” http: For the next two exaltef or so years, the Sidereals rebuilt Creation from behind the scenes.


Creation faces new challenges with the Deathlords on the move, typical and corrupted Solar essences Exzlted everywhere, strange machine-beings having been spotted in the South. She’s currently playing a con so magnificently long that not even she he? Ancient History, Bureaucracy, or Mystical Lore. To protect themselves, they used incredible Astrology effects, actually shattering the Constellation of the Mask.

Their patron is the Maiden Venus.

Please upgrade your browser or install Chrome or Firefox to enjoy the full functionality of this site. They are based at the Golden Barque of the Heavensa magnificent airship in Heaven. Hundreds of millions wiped out practically overnight. Personal tools Create account Log in. Something does not work as expected? Leader of the gold faction who want to con the Solars into doing their work for them, because Solars pwn everything and can therefore solve everyone’s problems forever.

Sidereal Rules

Sidereals who believe the returned Solars are the best thing since sliced bread. To this day, though everyone knows the truth, no one can prove the Vizier’s involvement in the Usurpation.

Comments There was a page here somewhere detailing Sidereal combat tactics, likely charm combinations etc but I can not seem to find it now. They made sure the proper communities thrived while those that were supposed to fell. They hold ancient, esoteric wisdom and act as scholars, viziers, and assassins. The Bronze Faction and the Gold Faction. This causes all traces of the Sidereal to eventually vanish from mortal minds, leaving behind only their deeds and not their identities.


They are also facing the impending death of one of the most powerful of their number Chejop Kejak.

Unlike Solars, whose limit breaks cause some awful personality complex or reversal when pushed beyond their limits, a Sidereal instead seeks to serve his Caste in some bizarre, damaging, or extreme fashion. They ushered certain Terrestrials into power, making sure the emerging Shogunate would have the infrastructure to survive without the Glorious Golden Gods. Find out what you can do.

They are based at the Forbidding Manse of Ivya library in Heaven. Back to general rules Back to information about the Sidereal Exalted.

Power loss does not affect artifacts, except in unusual cases. Append content without editing the whole page source. They are most gifted in Martial Arts, however, learning Exaltrd Martial Arts with the most ease out rxalted anyone else in Creation. Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page. Alternately, the Chosen of Secrets can spend 1 hero point to make the Will defense of himself and all allies within range Impervious for the duration of one combat.

Sidereal Exalted – Exalted 3e

They were also, befitting their position as Celestial Exalted, each allowed a vote in the Lower House of the Deliberative. For about years, the Shogunate thrived.

Further, all Sidereals are required to take Expertise 2 in one of the following areas: Retrieved from ” https: