FORM 8130-3 PDF

FAA Form –3, AIRWORTHINESS APPROVAL TAG. 3. Form Tracking Number: 4. Organization Name and Address: 5. Work Order/Contract/Invoice. Number. NOTE: a single EASA release on Form with only “Other regulation specified in block 12” ticked in block 14a is also acceptable for USED. What is the difference between an FAA Form and a Certificate of Conformity? ANSWER: An FAA Form , Airworthiness Approval Form, identifies.

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This was to once again bring the two Aviation Regulatory Agencies more in harmony with regards to regulations. Pull-down lists allow easy “point and click” entry. So as you can see Form clearly has two distinct purposes: You do not need to verify the serviceability torm the article again. Now go forth, confident that you will not be intimidated by the new form. And, there is no restriction on the number of copies sent to the customer or retained by the originator.

That procedure remains the same today. The following table describes what to enter in a specific situation.

Ticking all the Right Boxes

Customization by Redwood Communications. Each statement must clearly identify which product or article in Block 6 it relates to. So that we have a complete understanding of thewe will go through a short history of the before we go through the changes to the new form. This software performs that task automatically. He then asks us to ship the part and, not only does it arrive in France without the correct Export Certificate of Airworthiness, fomr we have now added to international tensions.

However about 20 years ago or so the form was changed immensely to accommodate its new purpose, which is an approval of a product for return to service after maintenance. The new would not only be used rorm certify exported parts, it would also meet the 14 CFR Part 43 requirements for approval for return to service following maintenance, creating for the first time in the US a common approval for return to service form tag other than the Yellow Tag and the FAA Form You should use the term or name used in the instructions 81300-3 continued airworthiness or maintenance data.


If not, you need to establish a numbering system that is separate from your work order system. Reference, invoice and batch numbers can be set to automatically increment. Good job guys; one dual-purpose form. Total Time; Total Dorm time since new g If a specific batch or lot number is used to control or trace the product or article, enter the batch or lot number in this block.

FAA Form 8130-3 -vs- Certificate of Conformity

As the originator you must retain a copy of each form issued 8310-3 allow verification of the original data. Forn the quantity of each product or article shipped. Forms print on plain white copy paper and look identical to the FAA Form Enter serial number of the Part. Over the past 35 years, he has served as a shop technician, engine shop supervisor, Engine Program Director, Director of Maintenance, Director of Operations, and owner of a Rolls-Royce engine overhaul and MD Helicopter component overhaul shop.

FAA Form software

The use of slashes, hyphens or spaces in the date does not matter. The non-used portion of blocks or are shaded in gray optional.

EASA became fully functional in We would then call the local FAA or a DAR with whom we had established a relationship, and ask them to issue the certificate for the part s.


An FAA Form received from a repair station as approval for return to service with the part should first be scrutinized to ensure the repair station is authorized to sign for the approval for return to service, then the airworthiness approval tag should become a fodm of the aircraft permanent records as required by 14 CFR Part Click on image to enlarge. Next, we receive a request for that part from a company in France.

But neither of the two uses of the form could be performed or certified by the same person. The thought behind this was fprm if implemented correctly, the form would serve the same purpose of the JAA Form 1. Organization Name and Address The organization name, address and pertinent company information you wish to put in this block.

The part is on the shelf and very clearly displays an FAA form airworthiness approval tag. We then placed the certificate with the part and shipped it to the foreign customer. I am sure that the FAA was really proud of their changes to the old form, because now this was truly a dual-purpose form. This can be done either directly or by reference to supporting documentation.

What do you do? As I have gone through considerable research on Order H, let me share what I have come up with.