Clasificación de fracturas y luxaciones AO Eponyms were rampant— Colles fracture is an exam- ple used to designate diverse patterns. PDF | Fractures name vs classifications | ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. Colles fracture: transverse extra-articular fracture with dorsal angulation; Smith fracture: transverse fracture with palmar angulation; Barton fracture · chauffeur.

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They are particularly common in patients with osteoporosisand as such, they are most frequently seen in elderly women. Articles Cases Courses Quiz.

Revista Trauma – Volumen 24, número 3

There are many radiological classification systems, e. This article describes radiographic features to check for and possible complications. The plain radiographic series often comprises an AP and a lateral view; however, it is not uncommon for an oblique view to be included. Younger patients who sustain Colles fractures have usually been involved in high impact trauma or have fallen, e. Fracture of clasificacio distal radius can occur with injuries that exert much less force, e.

Clasificacio and figures Imaging differential diagnosis. Check for errors and try again. They are often extra-articular, but some may extend into the joint and when they do, it is important to recognize. Case 3 Case 3. The cast extends from below the elbow to the metacarpal heads and holds the wrist somewhat flexed and in ulnar deviation 4 – for those of you familiar with Australian rules football; this position is reminiscent of the position adopted when holding a ball in preparation for a kick.

However, it is more important to recognize what makes the fracture more severe:.


Read it at Google Books – Find it at Amazon. In some complex cases, additional cross-sectional imaging usually CT is required to accurately assess the fracture. Scaphoid fracture Scaphoid fracture. The vast majority of distal radial fractures clasjficacion relatively uncomplicated and do not require a trip to theater and can be managed as an outpatient with review in fracture clinic.

When most people fall, they do not axially load the forearm, but apply an oblique force longitudinally and dorsally. Most Colles fractures are secondary to a fall on an outstretched hand FOOSH with a pronated forearm in dorsiflexion the position one adopts when trying to break a forward fall. A small number will require internal fixation following manipulation.

Colles fracture | Radiology Reference Article |

This cast is known as a Colles cast 4. Case 5 Case 5. Unable to process the form. Diagnosis usually only requires a standard wrist x-ray series. If this force is greater than the strength of the bone, a fracture occurs.

These common fractures usually occur when significant force is applied to the distal radial metaphysis. Check for errors and try again. One of clasificacioj more popular is the Frykman classification systemalthough it fails to distinguish between Smith and Colles fractures as it is based on AP radiographs The relationship between Colles fractures and osteoporosis is strong enough that when an older male patient presents with a Colles fracture, he should be investigated for osteoporosis because his risk of a hip fracture is also elevated 1.

Fracyura or Alternate Spellings: There is also usually impaction with resultant shortening of the radius. A small proportion of patients treated conservatively need to be followed up. Trauma is almost always the cause of distal radial fractures and is often the result of a fall onto an outstretched hand FOOSH.


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Teaching Atlas of Fractuga Imaging. About Blog Go ad-free. They are best described in terms of their fracture type, location, displacement and joint involvement.

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Fractura De Colles Tratamiento

Most fractures are therefore dorsally angulated and impacted. If a fracture is stable and treated in cast it must be reviewed regularly because of the risk of displacement.

J Family Med Prim Care. Late displacement warrants surgical consideration. Case 7 Case 7. Treatment is dependent on the type of fracture as determined by the x-ray. Case 2 Case 2. Fractures with significant displacement require manipulation under sedation or anesthetic. As such, in clinical practice, the use of the term Colles fracture with an appropriate description of any associated injuries is sufficient in most instances. Colles fracture Case 1: Colles’ fracture Colles fractures.

Log in Sign up. Edit article Share article View revision history. This is especially true when there is a multi-part fracture with joint involvement. Smith fracture Case 5: They are in pain and have a frcatura range of motion. Traditionally, eponymous names were given to the common fracture types of the distal radius:. Case 8 Case 8.