A greater deity was the most powerful rank of deity worshiped by mortals. They generally had millions of followers and commanded much respect from their. Deities of Faerûn. It is well known in Faerûn that those who die without a patron deity to send a servant to collect their souls from the Fugue Plane at their death. The following chart lists the more well-known deities of the Forgotten Realms, Gods who, during the period of the Baldur’s Gate games, are either dead or.

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I generally follow the Wikipedia source here: Belenus, god of sun, light, and warmth. Tyr, god of courage and strategy. He has to do some penance appropriate to the seriousness of the sin in order to remain in good standing with the church, other clerics or druids, and the deity.

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. It is possible for a cleric, druid, paladin, or spellcasting ranger or any other divine spellcaster to abandon his chosen deity and take up the faith of another deity.

The divine rank for a few greater deities is not listed: Storm of the Dead. The character then resumes the class features lost from leaving the old faith so long as they are still applicable – turning or rebuking undead ability might change, for instance. Cult of the Dragon. Thard Harr, god of the wild dwarves. Kelemvor [dead] Death N: The Daghdha, god of weather and crops. When I create a world I often use these to help players as making my own is very time consuming and many of us are familiar with the books and playing in the forgotten realms when we played version 2.

Most of the halfling pantheon doubles as Gods of Good.

Shattered Lands Dark Sun: However, he does not acknowledge fadrun worshippers or grant spells, interacting with mortals only during the most unusual of circumstances, such as the Time of Troubles. The number of worshippers is not necessarily countable: Skadi, god of earth and mountains.


Appendix B: Gods of the Multiverse

Other major ones include Chauntea the Earth-Mother, goddess of agriculture, Mielikki, goddess of the forests, and Malar the Beastlord, god of savagery and their Token Evil Teammate. Most people in the far eastern lands of Kara-Tur follow one of the two philosophical religions called “The Path of Enlightenment” and ggods Way”.

Sharindlar, goddess of romance and courtship, and Berronar Truesilver, goddess of family and motherhood. Like the gods of Greyhawk, gods in different families sometimes have overlap in their spheres of influence: Al-Qadim Land of Fate. Prior to this, all of them except Eilistraee doubled as Gods of Evil.

Sheela Peryroyl the Green Sister, goddess of nature gode agriculture. There should be at least one Greater deity from each alignment. Closest thing is Luthic the Cave Mother, patron of orc females, the home, and fertility. Or you can pick a few that your character prays to most often. Currently Kelemvor the Lord of the Dead, an ascended mortal. Hermes, god of travel and commerce.

Deities of Faerûn

Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Races of the Dragon. The people of Unther and their deities based on Babylonian and Sumerian mythology arrived at the same time and in the same manner as the Mulhorandi, but war between those two empires and against orcish hordes have claimed most of the Untheric pantheon, now the largest identifiable group of dead deities.

Thoth, god of knowledge and wisdom. Since the Sundering, all of them are alive, but Ghaunadaur quit in disgust and Lolth’s children are on faeruun terms with each other. The first three of these can be considered similar to or weaker than Kossuth, as they are all elemental powers.


Worshipped almost exclusively in MulhorandThayand Untherthese deities came to Abeir-Toril when their worshippers were transported from another world.

Hades, god of the underworld. Actually the assumptions you make and the logic you follow is in line with how Ed Greenwood first came up with the Faerunian pantheon, as described in Dragon Magazine 54 Oct Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting.

Artemis, goddess of hunting and childbirth. Isis, goddess of fertility and magic. Diancecht, god of medicine and healing. The Circle of Greater Powers have always come together to meet for important reasons such as the capture of Kezef the Chaos Hound for the preservation of the balance or for the trial of another god for not carrying out the duty gos their portfolio such as the trial for Cyric the Mad.

dnd 5e – Who are the gods/deities with most followers? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

They all double as nature gods since they have animal aspects. Tyche, goddess of good fortune. Unlike them he does not require worship to exist, and in fact actively discourages it. Book of Exalted Deeds. He, with a little help from Shar, murdered Mystra incausing the Spellplague and allowing for the massive changes to the rules of magic in 4E.

Deities Supplement” Wizards of the Coast The Celtic gods are as often served by druids as by clerics, for they are closely aligned with the forces of nature that dr uids revere. You need to login to do this. Segojan doubles as this, and is of the Don’t Fear the Reaper variety.

Other majors are Gond the Wonderbringer, god of craftsmen, and Mystra, goddess of magic. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.