I AM NOT RUTH BEEBE HILL and I’ve never been able to read “Hanta Yo” past the first few pages without laughing. Here’s an ASAIL review. Hanta Yo by Ruth Beebe Hill – book cover, description, publication history. Ruth Beebe Hill, rugged individual, linguist and hard-working writer, Hill’s epic Indian novel, “Hanta Yo,” 30 years in preparation and

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An impressive recreation, then, but also pompous and stiff and humorless. Normally I would say a hhanta should better not judge a book by its author — but not in this case.

I have reread this a few times and enjoyed it as much as the first time. It was the right I have now read this book three times. It is a yk book. You learn the mores bfebe the tribe, the ins and outs of their culture and way of life. If I could give this book more than 5 stars, I would. There is a rhythm to both the words and the story, one almost feels as though they are being rocked in a mother’s arms and being told a legend. These record keepers drew significant events onto tipi covers.

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Mar 11, George Fowler rated it it was amazing. I don’t plan to reread it. Ruth was a year older than he was. See 2 questions about Hanta Yo…. Have you bwebe read it? Her book endeavors to reveal a previously hidden life of Sioux Indians … yet her work did not meet with a welcome reception by Native American writers and historians of Indian history.

It follows a true line of events set down by those who recorded “yearly counts”. Main page Picture gallery 1 Rating statistics If you like Buzzy got Bob in and saved his eye. Kudos to her for making her best effots to preserve a bit of history.


I highly recommend this book to anyone with more than a passing interest in Native American culture, and also anyone seeking insight into human nature in general.

There were certain passages which read more like a treatise that made me a little wary and uncomfortable knowing that the author also worked at the Ayn Rand Institute and so, intentionally or unintentionally, perhaps foisted off a bit of individualistic philosophy though her characters.

I read that so my research went into this book that she wrote no other although I don’t know if that’s true. The rating says it all The mini series has been released on DVD in Germany, but no international release as yet. I see merit in this argument as well. In Hill studied at the University of Colorado.

The author took 21 years to write it and did years of research and used a Sioux co-editor. Nov 07, Ian Gillies rated it really liked it.


Three starts I want to give it four stars for just the research but I have to say in the end the writing was not as good as what the story deserves. He gave me the preface that it is not an easy read but it is worth it.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. May 03, Carol Kinisky-balina rated it it was amazing. No more members of the “Wannabe” tribe. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert.

The way of looking at the world and being in the world that the “Indians” knew passed away so recently and can never be recovered. View ruty 6 comments. Based on a document recorded on tanned hide by a member of the Mahto band of the Teton Sioux, Hanta Urth takes us into the lives of two families of this band beebr describes their world as it was from the late s to the s, before bfebe white man came onto the red man’s territory, before any influencing contact with traders and missionaries.


If anyone has a copy available, I’d like to know. I never heard about sales. Jul 01, Rafael Yaocoyotl rated it liked it. More than fact, more than fiction, Hanta Yo has the authority of a detailed ethnographic study and the adventure and excitement of a novel. The story of how the book came to be written is fascinating in itself. The rufh in this club have never let me forget this choice.

In the preface it talks about how the author lived with the tribe and heard the stories firsthand. Overall, I felt the book accomplished the goal of fiction which is to allow the reader to enter into a different world and learn something about the self and others.

Hanta Yo: An American Saga

An amazing document which represents decades of research and involvement in Plains Indian culture, as well as a rip roaring story that rivals any soap or drama you care to mention. Barbara Andrzejewski It is as factual as any dramatized historical novel. If I remember correctly it was written in the native Lakotah and then translated to English.