Book | Ibn ‘Ata Allah: Hikam – Aphorisms الإمام ابن عطاء الله السكندري: الحكم By Ibn ‘Ata Allah al-Sakandari: → · Arabic: الحكم العطائية PDF (with tashkil). AI-Hikam of Ibn Atta’illah. English Translation & Arabic Text. Page 2. EDgUsh translation of selected wisdoms from A!-Hikam of Ibn AUa ‘Wah. I. One of the signs. Ibn Ata Allah al-Iskandari Or click here for a PDF of the original Arabic text. The Book of Wisdom (Kitab al-hikam) is a masterpiece of Islamic spiritual.

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For this reason, they do not collide with anything except they knock it out: Inspiration is to be found in the Hereafter, while the litany vanishes with the vanishing of this world; but it its more fitting to be occupied with something for which there is no substitute. And has He conferred upon you anything but His favours?

Or how can it understand the subtle points of mysteries while it has not yet repented sta its offences? Subjects of divine attraction have His Entity revealed to them.

Roundabout he turns, his goal the same as his departure. For has He accustomed you to anything but what is good? Those traveling the Path under a teacher experience these things in the reverse order. For, truly, it manifests nothing but what is in keeping with its character or its inevitable nature. Or how can it desire to enter the Presence of God while it has not yet purified itself of the stain of forgetfulness? So, why would he not be shy from asking His creation for his needs.


Kitab Al Hikam of Ibn Ata Illah English & Arabic

How can it be conceived that something veils Him, since He is the Manifest to everything? His names point to His attributes.

Had they contemplated Him in everything, they would not have been alienated from anything. For had there been no inspiration, there would have been no litany wird.

The Book of Wisdoms (Kitab Al-Hikam) : A Collection of Sufi Aphorisms

And thus He unites you to Himself araabic virtue of what comes from Him to you, not by virtue of what goes from you to Him. For others, their remembrances precede their spiritual lights. You have in God independence from everything but nothing can make you free of need from Him.

And your desire to gain a living in the world, even though God has put you in isolation is a comedown from lofty aspiration. It suffices you as recompense for the deed that He accepts it. Where were you when His special concern and care took charge of you? The place where the second group ends up is where the first group started.

And why it has been said: Or when was it that He became distant that created things themselves will unite us to Him? And how can he who is unable to free himself of a pressing need free someone else of one? And He expanded your free time so that some choice [in performing actions] would remain kbn you.

And He illlah your lower self move you [to do bad] so that your approaching and repenting to Him would never cease. Do you not know that He is the one who presented the knowledge of Himself to you, whereas you are the one who presented Him with deeds? And in such a state, take what is in agreement with [external] knowledge.


How can it be conceived that something veils Him, since He afabic nearer to you than anything else?

The Book of Wisdoms (Kitab Al-Hikam) : Ibn Ata’illah Iskandari :

So much so, that one cannot explain [the immensity] nor even allude to it. The best one to have as a friend is He who does not seek you out for the sake of something coming from hikwm to Him.

How can it be conceived that something veils Him since He is the one who is manifest through everything? The first is for those who are apt to learn lessons [from ubn they see] and the second is that experience the vision [of God] and have insight.

When it goes away, there is no light for it. But if there were a covering to It, then that would be a limitation to Its Being: You are a gem enclosed by the shells of created forms.

It is better for you to keep company with an ignorant man dissatisfied with himself than to keep company with a learned man satisfied with himself. Good states arise from the stations wherein abide those who have spiritual realisation.