Form (Rev. ). Form (November ). Department of the Treasury – Internal Revenue Service. Consent for Third Party Contact. 2 Appointee. If you wish to name more than one appointee, attach a list to this form. Check here if a list of additional appointees is attached ▷. Name and. Instructions for Completing Form D for Penalty Proposals .. Form ,Third Party Contact Authorization Form, (if applicable). Case file.

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If there is an address change for either or both of the spouses: A case ceases to be a noncriminal tax matter before the Service, when the matter is referred to Criminal Investigation for assignment to a Special Agent. Browsing, or any unauthorized access of taxpayer information by any IRS employee, constitutes a serious breach of the confidentiality of that fogm and will not be tolerated See 1.

Examiners should rely on the general guidelines in Rev. Made on a case by case basis no blanket determinations Documented in the case file. For example, when the taxpayer has been identified as a “PDT.

Information received from a third party when the third party initiates the contact. Examiners are expected to consider collectibility during the pre-contact phase of examinations as a factor in determining the scope and depth see IRM 4.

The provisions of IRC k 6 and corresponding regulations apply to all third party contacts.

IRS Agent’s responsibility to taxpayer

Examination policy requires that taxpayers are formally notified of their appeal rights and other related rights through the use of Publication 1, Your Rights as a Taxpayer, Publication 5, Appeal Rights and Preparation of Protests for Unagreed Cases, PublicationThe IRS Collection Process and NoticeHelpful Contacts for your “Notice of Deficiency”see specific instructions for notification in section 2, Precontact Responsibilities and section 8 of this chapter.

During the first contact either by telephone or in personthe examiner must verify that the known mailing address is still correct for each of the spouses.

Copies of forms and letters referenced in this chapter are generally not included as exhibits since the latest versions should always be used and they will be available in electronic format on the Multi-Media Website. If a jeopardy situation exists, the employee must take the following actions: Factors used to determine if the time charged and the length of time a case is open are reasonable include:.

Providing all taxpayers with high quality service in all contacts is a primary area of emphasis for all Examination employees. When a third party contact is made, the employee should complete Form”Third Party Contact Report. Isr for name and contact number on these office audit letters will remain forj.


Contacts made by the IRS to respond to a request from a treaty partner for information concerning a taxpayer and tax liability of the treaty partner. For joint returns, both spouses must authorize the contact. The general notice is provided only once for all contacts that may be made with respect to the years listed on the notice.

Name of party contacted, if known. This provision is effective for privileged communications made on or after the date of enactment July 22, For more information or questions regarding UNAX requirements, examiners should consult their immediate manager. Contacts made as the result of unsolicited requests for payoff of a Notice of Federal Tax Lien or to respond to requests for information regarding the priority of a lien.

For Examination notices issued by Area offices, the following notices or circumstances require the issuance of separate notices: See section 3 of this chapter for more information on conducting interviews. When a taxpayer of a federally authorized tax practitioner declines to provide testimony or documents based on IRC sectionconfidentiality privileges, the examiner should take the following actions: When fork contact list is requested by a taxpayer, the employee receiving the request is firm for:.

Employees are not authorized to access their own tax records. Document the case file with the basis for the jeopardy determination.

The manager will initial and date the form to indicate receipt and forward the form for retention in a location designated by each head of office.

If the employee making a third party contact determines, for good cause shown, that providing the taxpayer with advance general notice or notice of a specific contact would jeopardize the collection of the tax liability, notification is not required. Fprm proper use of time is an essential element of a quality examination. Requirements governing the accuracy, reliability, completeness, and timeliness of taxpayer information will be such as to ensure fair treatment of all taxpayers. Since employees in general program examination groups seldom contact third parties, we will issue the general notice only when it becomes necessary to contact a third party.

The dissemination of tax information via electronic format to other taxing jurisdictions. Provide advance notice to the taxpayer that contacts may be made Periodically provide a list of all contacts to the taxpayer Provide a list of contacts to the taxpayer upon request See subsection 1. This verification must be documented by the examiner on the Formdaily activity record maintained for each case file.


Keep Form in the case file. Searches made on computer databases which do not require any personal involvement on the other end e.

All from must contain an employee name, contact telephone number, employee identification number, and signature. Examiners should also contact the Area Interest Abatement Coordinator with questions on interest abatement.

Examiners should assist taxpayers in solving any tax problems identified during an examination, even if the problems are not associated with the examination. All taxpayer contacts made in the area by Examination with few exceptions require appeal right notification. Pre-contact Responsibilities and section 3 of this chapter. The following criteria 1280 to the use of these forms: Any other reference made to the torm under examination, in other correspondence, must also be in the joint name.

When ors is determined that a third party contact fogm necessary, examiners must review the case file to verify whether the taxpayer has received the required notification either Notice with appropriate cover letter or Letter for all tax periods under examination. Taxpayer requests for interest abatement should be referred to igs Area Interest Abatement Coordinator for consideration.

Form must also be used to document activity on cases worked by Examination after assessment, such as audit reconsiderations and collection referrals. This means that certain communications oral and written between federally authorized tax practitioners and taxpayers on or after July 22, may now be “privileged communications” within the meaning of the statute and may be withheld from the Service.

If correspondence is not individually approved, managers must develop some type of ongoing review process to ensure the quality of correspondence Groups should maintain read files of all taxpayer correspondence that does not use form letters.


IRC c 3 provides for four situations when the IRS is not required to provide the taxpayer with advance notice or a list of third party contacts. All procedures related to ensuring taxpayer rights are mandatory. Information about taxpayers collected from third parties will be verified to the extent practicable, with frm taxpayers themselves, before a determination is made, using the information.