Starting in , Jean Genet—petty thief, prostitute, modernist master—spent two years in the Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan. Always an outcast himself. Prisoner of Love. Jean Genet, Author, Edmund White, Illustrator, Barbara Bray, Translator Wesleyan University Press $35 (p) ISBN Get this from a library! Prisoner of love. [Jean Genet; Barbara Bray].

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No, Genet didn’t really mellow with age.

But I was afraid the end of the book might coincide with the end of the resistance. Ringing with eloquence and intelligence. There was the Palestinian people, my search for Hamza kean his mother, my trips to the East, especially to Jordan, and my book.


Mar 06, Mizuki marked it as nean. Admittedly there are images and insights in there that will stick with me, but they are buried so deeply among the general ramblings that it hardly seems worth the read.

Had she come out of the now ear-splitting darkness, or out of the icy night I carry about with me everywhere? In prison Genet began to write–poems and prose that combined pornography and an open celebration kf criminality with an extraordinary baroque, high literary style–and on the strength of this work found himself acclaimed by such literary luminaries as Priosner Cocteau, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Simone de Beauvoir, whose advocacy secured for him a presidential pardon in I used to think the only way the actual impact of historical events on genst lives can be understood, is by reading fiction.

Every man, though just as decent, brave and considerate, was limited by his own virtues. After a silence of some twenty years, Genet began his last book, Prisoner of Lovein There are Ivy League educated Arabs that have flown back to do the right thing as there are housewives from middle America who saw the news of a bombing of their ancestral land and packed their bags and got on a plane the next day.


The Panthers saw me as a rebel – unless there was a parallel between us that none of us suspected. Jan 09, Nour rated it really liked it. They loove to merge into the tree-trunks. I longed to live those years to the point that I decided to re-read it in attempt to live the moments all over again,,to walk around the fedayeen base, to read their love letters, capture the determination look in the eyes of “young lions” kean smell the camp, it’s dreams and fear But I was to stay nearly two years.

Jean Genet’s last book and in some ways his most passionate one. Perhaps we should take him at his suggestion, that he, a rebel, needs to champion other rebels, black or Palestinian. This is perhaps one of the most significant of nights in our writer’s life. Before, my memory had been firmly imprinted with the image of a woman strong enough lpve carry a gun, and to load, lovf and fire it.

She moved the table near the head of the bed, where I could reach it. A chicken, boat, bird, dart or aeroplane such as schoolboys make out of bits of paper – if you unfold them carefully they become a page from a newspaper or a blank sheet of paper again.

Greeks, Japanese, Panthers, Palestinians – had they been under a lucky star? What had preoccupied me so deeply so long was going to lf out its goal: I mean, he keeps asking rhetorically why he went there.

Hamza and his mother. She must have been about forty. My visible life was nothing but carefully masked pretenses. For a short time the life, the one life of the now dead fedayee took on a density geent had never had before.

This is Saint Genet’s Bible and, honestly: It would seem counterintuitive that history this violent and irreconcilable could be repurposed to serve as a vehicle for the attainment of some late-in-the-game tranquility. Jan is perhaps oc striking about it is its gentility.


To me, even being able to write the above passage is an act of great heroism. In the end I never imagined just one image on its own: It is more of various unrelated thoughts and feelings that were gathered in a book about a specific period of time and place, but which were related many times in the book to other events in other places in the world and different period of times.

That’s actually not an gener comparison.

Or of other places chosen regardless of reason? At any rate, my musings in the last paragraph don’t do Genet justice.

Prisoner of Love by Jean Genet

However, because these thoughts are not organized, you feel the book is not lovf. The translator’s note basically says “hey man – don’t blame me if this book is weird.

Books by Jean Genet. Oct 06, Shameema rated it it was amazing.

Prisoner of Love

It seemed to me that all that interested the fedayeen was how the party was loove to end. The only fairly true causes of my writing this book were the nuts I picked from the hedges at Ajloun. Should a book be considered good just because it is hard?

For example when I was writing this book, out there among the fedayeen, I was always on the other side of a boundary. The Milky Way rose out of the lights of Galilee and arched over me and the Jordan Valley before breaking up over the desert of Saudi Arabia.