ABSTRACT: A modified version of Capian’s Job Stress Questionnaire (JSQ) was administered to male and 56 female entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs were. For many people, the workplace is becoming more and more stressful. The Job Stress Questionnaire (JSQ) has been designed to assess relative levels and. ABSTRACT: A modified version of Caplan’s Job Stress Questionnaire (JSQ) was administered to male and 56 female entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs were.

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Development of a Short Version of the New Brief Job Stress Questionnaire

To investigate the prevalence of and personal and professional characteristics associated with burnout, psychological morbidity, job stressand job satisfaction in Chinese neurologists. This questionnaire based study investigates correlation between job satisfaction, job stress and psychosomatic health in Indian software professionals.

The physical work environment may positively or negatively influence nurses’ stressand stress may negatively impact their job satisfaction and intention to change jobs. In questionnaiee to scales measuring stress and job satisfaction, the questionnaire requested demographic information and included a depression scale.

The current analyses are based on 89 participants, after exclusion of those with missing data. These findings suggest that TJCQ is valid and reliable for assessing job stress among Thai populations.

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The purpose of this study was to gain a better understanding of the relationships between job stress and QWL of employees, and their impact on turnover intention at Isfahan hospitals, Iran. During the 3-year follow-up, 87 coronary events were registered. Again, we simply summed the item score of the scales to calculate the stress reaction and job stressor scores. Hardiness was measured using the Dispositional Resilience Scale DRSjob stress was measured using the Perceived Work Stress Scale PWSSand supervisor support, group cohesion, and job satisfaction were measured using a proprietary employee attitude survey.

Perceived job stress and incidence of coronary events: Finally, we discuss contributions of this study and implications for recruitment and retention of nurses in the health sector. Assuming the cutoff point of criterion i was set at 65 for the stress reaction score and the other cutoff points were not changed, we job stress questionnaire jsq the best screening performance i.


Development of a Short Version of the New Brief Job Stress Questionnaire – Semantic Scholar

Please review our privacy policy. To investigate the status of structural empowerment, job stress and burnout in China, and to explore the relationships among them.

Job stress among Iranian prison employees. There were no significant differences in the mean score for job overload, job control or support, although significant decline in the job satisfaction level was apparent at the end of the jlb period p job satisfaction in and in for subjects with keeping low job strain.

job stress questionnaire: Topics by

All data were gathered using self-administered questionnaires. The sample of jobs used…. The present study investigated the interrelationships among burnout, role conflict and job satisfaction in a sample of Hungarian health care staff.

Employee’s motivation is the foundation of successful development activity, e. The mean burnout dimensions that were above average included emotional exhaustion Subject Category Recent Discussions. Occupational positions were classified into directors, managers, and general workers, and the content of job was classified into clerical workers, skilled technicians, and unskilled manual workers.

Quesrionnaire assessment of a measure and its invariance of factor structure across studies. Subjects completed questionnaires three…. The questionnaire was adapted from one previously used in Northern Ireland. Usage of BJSQ with the cutoff points recommended by the Stress Check Program manual will moderately increase post-test probability of potential psychological distress.

What are the results and will they help me in caring for my patients?

Job design and job stress in office workers. Research in the rehabilitation care setting is very limited and needs to be explored. Thus, it can be said that the biological markers associated with a specific kind of job stress remain unclear.


Generalizability of the findings is limited because of the online survey; however, the anonymity provided may have incentivized the participants to answer honestly. Situations which would have initially evoked stress were no longer perceived as stressful as their confidence grew.

Fifty-nine workers completed the self-administered questionnaires. Path analysis was used to examine the goodness of fit of the model. Psychological symptoms were significantly correlated with poor job -related interpersonal relationships.

The sample was studied through a 4 step process, using HSE analysis tool and a statistical analysis, based on the odds ratio calculation.

This study aims to demonstrate the relevance of temperament to job stress. However, our study underscores the importance of a supportive social work environment in the prevention of coronary heart disease.

The test-retest reliability study was conducted with health workers and University staff. Multiple regression analyses showed that psychological job stress factors of poor appropriateness of work and high qualitative workload were associated with insomnia. A casual relationship between temperament, job stress and depressive symptoms has not been established yet. High-stress is defined as having the highest level of stress reaction criterion i or having a moderate level of stress reaction, along with job stress questionnaire jsq the highest job stressors or lowest social support in the workplace criterion ii.

Mitigating or eliminating these environmental factors has the potential to improve staff satisfaction and retention.

Sterss that the cutoff point of criterion i was questiomnaire at 25 for the stress reaction score questionhaire the other cutoff points were not changed, we expected almost the same screening performance as the best scenario using the job stress questionnaire jsq version i.