This JSR development tutorial shows how to master request-response programming using the PortletRequest and PortletResponse objects of the Portlet JSR (Portlet ) defines a lifecycle for events, so that eventing is name as defined in the previous code example in the portlet section of the file. Portlet Tutorial, Java Portlet, Portlet Example, Java Portlet Tutorial, What is Portlet , JSR has introduced the using of annotations for controlling things were.

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It is split in different pieces. Do you want to use a portlet development framework with a UI component model that makes it easy to develop sophisticated, rich Those areas contain different windows and each window contains portlet:.

Maven versions can be downloaded from maven.

Creating a simple portlet

Portlet render also provides a default implementation for the processActioninit and destroy methods. This gives you access to all the MVC Portlet functionality you are familiar with, plus the added bonus of using Soy templates for Tutoriao you wish you could use npm portleh npm packages in your portlets? Even so, the advantages of modularity are so great that we still recommend you develop your portlets as OSGi modules.

Liferay is an open platform in an ecosystem of open platforms. For example, a filter can transform the content of portlet requests and portlet responses. The graphic illustrates where WebSphere Portal Express and portlet applications fit into the classloading hierarchy. This makes portlets much more flexible than servlets.


Doing all this in other types of web apps would require manual re-coding. Packaging portlet classes, resources, and descriptive information in a single file makes distribution and deployment of portlets easier. Portlets contained in WAR files have the advantage of being dynamically oortlet and installed.

This does not have to be declared as all portlets must support the view portlet mode. We use a form: Note that CSS styles are used as defined in the portlet specification. Portlets are responsible for portle markup fragments, as they are included on a page and are surrounded by other portlets.

Then, compile the portlet using the fully qualified path to the Java portlet source. In fact, GateIn 3. The resources can be images, JSP files, Writing the portlet descriptorsand property files containing translated message text. If defined it should redirect to the hello. In this file, the following elements are supported:.

TuorialJava Portlet Specification 1. These descriptors are defined by the Jave EE web.

Portlets can be placed on pages by users or portal administrators, who can place several different portlets on a single page. This is the mandatory descriptor files for portlets. The first method showed here is the simplest one.

Navigate to the SimplestHelloWorld directory and execute: The other difference compare to a regular portlet application, can be found in the portlet descriptor. An action phase is a phase where some state changes.

Portlet Mode tutroial Window State. For more information, see The XML configuration interface.

For example, a message boards or wiki portlet is best suited on its own page. The WAR file format contains the Java classes and resources that make up one or more portlets in a portlet application. This example is using Maven to porltet and build the web archive. You can set up the run time environment for debugging portlets on the local development machine or on a remote server.


When this phase runs on one portlet, it also runs on all other portlets on the page. GenericFacesPortlet as portlet class. When you develop portlets for Liferay Portal, you can leverage all the features defined by the portlet specification. All JSF portlets define javax.

Portlets – Liferay – Liferay Developer Network

Help Provides information to the user as to how to use the portlet. The tutorials contained in this chapter are targeted toward portlet developers. These modes need to be defined in the portlet. Depending on how you develop and package your portlet, however, it may not be able to run on other portal containers. This lets a portlet serve dynamic content without running the Render phase on all portlets on a page. Liferay Portal does, however, provide utility methods that can access the ServletRequest and query parameters.

This section shows you how to develop portlets using the following frameworks and techniques:.