Ken Lackman EFL Magazine Author. Ken Lackman spent seven years in Prague teaching English and developing teaching materials for The Caledonian . He is the founder and leader of Ken Lackman & Associates, a thriving teacher training project, offering workshops, mini-conferences and other types of. Ken Lackman (B. Ed., DELTA) is a frequent presenter at IATEFL conferences and other conferences in North America. He began his teaching career in at.

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Scott, Thanks for the reading. Twitter Facebook Email Print.

Yes, there are scores — even legions — of teachers doing wonder-ful things without knowing there is a name for it. Key expressions were written on the board and their mechanics highlighted, ekn a way that replicates the language focus stage of Counselling Language Learning CLL.

We offer these workshops at English Central in Toronto, as well as sessions by other presenters.

Nobody really lqckman understands how languages are learned, so nobody really fully knows how languages should be taught. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Ken Lackman

Ken Lackman has been presenting workshops for English language instructors since Wonderful post, Scott, really inspiring ideas — promoting inquiry dialogue, T-S example conversation stages very Demand High? Find out as much as you can about teaching and keep experimenting in the classroom. Teachers who have used our methods and activities in their classes have remarked on noticeable improvements in their lessons in terms of student involvement and motivation.


Photo under Creative Commons from. In the end, though, teachers will get better at reformulating effectively only if they realise that the success of their teaching depends on it.

For example, our most popular workshop, Universal Activitiesfeatures over 30 great classroom activities that can be used for teaching grammar or vocabulary. Thank you for summarising the talks by some of my favourite presenters, none of whom, ironically, I got to listen to this time.

Talk to the expert: Interview with Ken Lackman – TEFL Equity Advocates and Academy

Notify me of new posts via email. Interview with Ken Lackman You can take a look at some sample pages from Universal Activities and all our other e-books here here.

Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Read books, magazines and blogs and talk to other teachers. And, of course, teachers who luckily? This is my first time posting on this blog. Coursebooks seem to leave a lot to desire in terms of reformulation-rich affordances, demand-high implementation, and conversation-oriented practice of the exploratory kind.

FREE page ebook Click here to get your free book. To take a look at our published works, click here. Andrew neatly demonstrated that kenn of our intuitions regarding the frequency of a word, or its most typical collocations, are flawed, to say the least.

In comparing the two conversational modes, discussion and inquiry dialogue, Phil found that the former tends to be transmissive in style, involving the mere exchange of tokens of information or experience, with little in the way of follow-up, and which, in the interests of lckman completion, inclines towards early closure.


Activity Books Many of the activities and teaching frameworks featured in our workshops are available online in PDF format. Ken Lackman and Associates. Join 21, other followers. Popular topics accent accuracy affect affordance articles aspect audiolingualism CELTA Chomsky chunks CLT communicative approach complexity theory construction grammar conversation corpus linguistics coursebooks critical pedagogy discourse dogme ecology ELF ELT embodiment emergence English as a Lingua Franca error fluency focus on form gender grammar grammar McNuggets grammar teaching grammar translation humanistic approaches identity input interaction Krashen Lexical Approach literacy memorization method methodology motivation multilingualism native-speakerism neoliberalism phonetics phonology practicum presentation pronunciation reading repetition scaffolding second language acquisition SLA sociocultural learning theory Spanish speaking syllabus task-based instruction teacher development teacher talk teacher training teaching unplugged technology TEFL tense testing text translation vocabulary ZPD.

That needs to come from the top.

Talk to the expert: Interview with Ken Lackman

What this means is that once you know the procedure, you can use the activity or lesson framework over and over again in different teaching circumstances or for different lesson content. I promptly went out and ordered them — hence the quote. And extending and deepening the kind of reformulation offered would seem to place greater demands on the teacher than on the student. Why not just use a coursebook? This is the approach that I try to use and I find, even as a fairly well-educated native speaker, that I learn new things about the language every day.