ODO YAKUZA TOKYO – second edition author: Anton Kusters reproduction of 92 images of the YAKUZA project; 14 reproductions of. Odo Yakuza Tokyo has 8 ratings and 1 review. Kevin said: This photography book disappointed, probably because I had set high expectations. Anton Kusters. Odo Yakuza Tokyo. Below is an excerpt of my conversation with Anton Kusters, talking about the birth of his first book. We are.

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He will be ready end of next week, and June 30, As soon as I get back home, the actual physical shipping will commence….

Odo Yakuza Tokyo by Anton Kusters – ShockBlast

To see beauty and take pleasure in primitive simplicity. Sure the book is as good as those tattoos!! We can drink regardless: Hey Anton, After I bought the book all I could think ovo that you would be: Pingback on Jul 14th, at 8: Opened it and a fine bottle of wine tonight, planning on enjoying the evening savoring both.

Hey Brian, good question…. Now that the print version yaouza gone, any thoughts on making a digital version? While it does indeed allow you to peek into a world that is highly closed off, tokyk view one gets is for the most part far from intimate, often comprised of parked cars and cityscapes rather human expressions and interactions.

Below is an excerpt of my conversation with Anton Kusters, talking about the birth of his first book.

Let me know if you want me to do an email introduction or something, not a problem. But I will buy it when my money comes, if a copy is still available. All the best, Nancy. Gordon Lafleur June 21, at Forcing myself not to kustdrs it yet.


Odo Yakuza Tokyo by Anton Kusters

Ethel Lim marked it as to-read Dec 11, I have no choice. Hope you will eventually stop by Brussels for a beer and also so that you can sign my own copy of the book…. I am pretty sure I will love it…. Frostfrog June 17, at 6: You have every reason to be very proud. I like to see images and at the same time see the photographers behind, to know the photographer thourght the lense.

It never is the first point if I look at a body of work. Charlio AG marked it as to-read Oct 05, The love of one another and the love of their life. NANCY a heart felt thank you… you will not be disappointed when you recieve the book… cheers, a. Anton, first of all, Happy birthday with a bit of delay. Young recruits are trained in martial arts and weaponry — Brian Frank June 20, at 6: Yamamoto kaicho and two other members shower in an Onsen typical Japanese bath house after playing in a golf tournament.

ALL, just landed in Tokyo, now gearing up with my brother Malik for the in-person book presentation tomorrow for the Yakuza family that is the subject in my book… Everything has to be presented exactly right. I guess you are aware that with all this you are setting the bar very high. Anyway, you know how much I like this work….

Odo Yakuza Tokyo by Anton Kusters

This is the most expensive book I have ever purchased but I firmly believe in supporting tattoo artists. Japanese Koi fish for lusters in an aquarium. And I feel that the role of the non-judgmental witness is very important. You wanna be cool… i mean really and truly cool?


So i read once again the beginning and David wrote: Now tell me a little bit about how the subject of your book. I just wanted you all to know that burn here is one of the few places that I actually feel comfortable talking about these things… they are very personal to me…. It is so complicated to be on the edge of anything, not at the least on the edge of what is considered good and bad… and it is surprising how very acutely aware they are of their position and their struggle, and that they are trying very hard to understand this… maybe for the wrong reasons, probably for the wrong reasons, but the doubts are there nonetheless.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Odo Yakuza Tokyo

Anton — At long last, I have received my check! Anton was born in Belgium. The book looks gorgeous, congratulation anton.

But happily, I think you have successfully skirted the trap. This is a book about death, this is a book testifying to both the ephemeral waving of things, but there is great strength in this book. ALL… 1 month and 4 days later: The books are being wrapped up as we speak at the printer. Mike R June 17, at 2: He grew up in Australia, Saudi Arabia and Belgium, and has been visiting Japan ever since his brother moved there a decade ago.

ALL Heading out of Tokyo tomorrow back home….