Resurselor Umane “Investeşte în oameni!” 1 . Prin decretul-lege din , învăţământul public devenea un drept egal pentru toţi. Livable, equitable, and Ecological Communities, New York: Routledge, planificare a proiectelor, actualizată periodic, la nivelul întregii organizații și o perioada , transferurile financiare către România vor depinde de .. Autoritatea de Audit este înfiinţată conform Legii nr/, fiind o instituţie . In , the broken down amounts of income tax, beside their usual . locale în România, Bucureşti, , Legea administraţiei publice locale nr. 69/ / Strategia actualizată a Guvernului privind accelerarea reformei în Finance and economic stability in the context of financial crisis .

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In order to improve knowledge about the prevalence of this phenomenon and the possible impact of the crisis, the Commission is exploring possibilities to exploit current Eurostat surveys and is actively participating in the work of the European Institute for Gender Equality.

Risposta congiunta di Johannes Hahn a nome della Commissione. With consumption no longer being a drag, real GDP growth is projected at 2. Will the Commission ensure that the actuzlizata will include suggestions for practical and concrete systems for the labelling of non-stun-slaughtered meats? The current Drugs Strategy stresses the need to improve the availability, accessibility and coverage of effective and diversified drug-demand reduction measures, xctualizata promote the use and exchange of best practices, and to develop and implement quality standards.

Publications | RACAI

What purchases did the Foundation make inandrespectively? Zilele dreptului de a sti. Why was there no specific assessment of the expected impact of this proposal on small and medium-sized enterprises the SME test? Welche dieser Immobilien befinden sich ganz oder teilweise im Besitz von Frontex? All initiatives undertaken by the Commission as well as their exact scope are carefully assessed in preparation, with full respect of principles of necessity, proportionality and subsidiarity.

Continuing environmental problems in the Baltic Sea. Unfortunately, this incident is not an isolated case. Safety of plasma and plasma-derived products.

Can the Commission say what the failure rate among SMEs has been since ? While the Constitution and relevant 22004 and policies provide in principle for religious freedom, restrictions persist in policy and practice notably on provincial actualizsta village level, also affecting Christians. It is therefore difficult to measure violence and to analyse its fluctuations over time and the Commission is not aware of leggea research 200 an increase of violence against women due to the crisis.

The Commission has pointed out several times that it was anticipating liquidity problems at the end of the year.


EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Has it received the tender documents from the National Telecommunications and Post Commission or from the Greek Government for review?

Din cele biblioteci si filiale orasenesti, doar 49 biblioteci dispin de computere si 38 biblioteci sunt conectate internet. In what way is the Commission helping the auditors establish the extent to which funding in question has or has not been properly used?

If so, with what result, and are its findings available?

How does it evaluate the results obtained to date? Het gesprek van Commissaris Barnier en de minister-president van de Vlaamse regering, Kris Peeters, betrof uitsluitend de Europeesrechtelijke vragen met betrekking tot de openbare aanbesteding die waren gerezen in de context van het Oosterweelproject. Horizontal quarrying in a hilly area and opening up of sinkholes in Alcenago di Grezzana Veronahaving a serious impact on public safety.

EUR-Lex – JOC___R_ – EN – EUR-Lex

Property tax questionnaire sent to the Greek government. However, why can a mandatory scheme, which has well-documented environmental effects but imposes significant costs to farmers, not be included, whereas a voluntary scheme based on a subsidy can? Creati o postare relativa la domeniul tehnologiilor ce va intereseaza in saptamana aceasta.

In verschiedenen Medienberichten wird immer wieder auf den Wechsel von Beamten der Kommission in die Privatwirtschaft hingewiesen. What practical actions and additional sources of funding can the Commission suggest to the Cyprus Government in order to overcome this dramatic increase in unemployment and to help people who need decent employment in order to live?

Eugenia Railean, Viorica Gaja. This information has been published and must also be clearly indicated at the border crossing point. Inoltre, il finanziamento di misure destinate alle persone svantaggiate in generale, di cui i Rom fanno parte, andrebbe a sua volta preso in conto anche se i beneficiari comprendono anche i non Rom. Does the Commission intend to respond to those French associations that are calling on it to strengthen EU legislation on these products designed for young children who are particularly vulnerable in order to ensure that they are no longer exposed to potentially harmful products?

The Agency’s reply is attached in annex. If the report in question is not publicly available, how can a media outlet justifiably have had access to it? Zo bepaalt het ESRhandboek overheidstekort en overheidsschuld dat indien de overheid de meeste risico’s in verband met het project draagt, de gebouwde infrastructuur moet worden opgenomen in de overheidsbegroting.

However, no answer was given as to what measures the Commission itself proposes to take to address the problem of the spread of common ragweed.

The Commission is in the process of developing the delegated acts necessary to implement the CAP reform and in accordance with the empowerments for the Commission foreseen in the basic acts.


Is the Commission aware of the situation outlined above? They were denied the type of visa which would have allowed them flexibility in scheduling their return from the conference, in the event of unforeseen circumstances — such as delays — occurring, as is often the case in Brussels. In Greece, the European Social Fund ESF co-finances projects providing assistance to the most vulnerable groups, including women who have been abused.

What answers in detail were received from the Greek authorities? However, apart from the limited opening hours, no other limitations of the use of the crossing point to which the Honourable Member refers were notified by Hungary. Furthermore, what strategies does the Commission have in place to reduce these figures? Up-to-date statistics and costs in connection with multiple sclerosis in the EU. ILO declarations and the need to increase wages, particularly the national minimum wage.

Additional investigations carried out locally by the French health authority are necessary to demonstrate such a link. All the objectives mentioned can only be met by applying a specific strategy for the Carpathian region, as they cannot be achieved through the Danube Strategy.

Vasile Lupu, domnitor al Moldovei.

The directive on the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco and related products bans the advertising and sale of electronic cigarettes to minors, but does not make reference to how advertising directed at adults should be handled.

Tarile care au inteles acest adevar au investit enorm in dezvoltarea accesului la informatie si cel mai elocvent exemplu il poate servi Japonia, care in rezultatul acestor investitii a sclipit pe cele mai inalte culmi in ceia ce priveste dezvoltarea tehnologiilor moderne. Aggiornamento sull’utilizzo del Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale in Romania ai sensi dell’articolo 7, paragrafo 2, del regolamento CE n. Given that mutual societies in Europe currently face various difficulties and obstacles which prevent them from conducting their business throughout Europe and across borders, does the Commission not think that the absence of a European statute for mutual societies constitutes an infringement of the principles of freedom of establishment, freedom of service provision and freedom of movement in general?

Medienberichten zufolge habe vor der Installation des Systems keine technologische Risikobewertung stattgefunden.