LEGO set database: International Jetport. Set number: ; Name: International Jetport; Also known as: Holiday Airport; Set type: Normal; Theme. Find great deals for LEGO Town International Jetport (). Shop with confidence on eBay!. International Jetport Item №: Pieces: Minifigures: 8 Released: Theme: This was the second LEGO System airport out of five released to date.

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International Jetport

Han Solo eat your heart out! Packaging from the back.

The plastic tray on its own. I too was amazed at the number of baseplates included in the Classic Airport sets. Seeing someone unbox and review it is really special.

Note the small yellow lights on the side of the white upper structure – a very nice detail. No comments has been written. Posted February 29, Very nice and honest. It reminds me of how badly I wanted this set when I was 9 years old. Introduction For starters I present the reconstruction of the airport presentation visible at the front page of the instruction and on the front of the packaging, leho the helicopter is circulating over the airport and the airplane is just taking off.


Simple yet so incredible.

Instructions for – International Jetport |

I bought this set back in pego before it was retired. Only the Pirates 63966 at this stage featured the newer heads with detailed facial expressions and features. A plane and chopper for swooshing, a tractor for broom-brooming, plenty of figs, lots of things to swivel and turn, and all those lovely baseplates for playing around with variations. The trans blue canopy and the rotors look great, and our pilot makes this sub model look very sharp.

Looks like we have a plane in the making!

A very nice selection, and of course, all have the classic smiley head. I always loved classic airports. Nice to travel back in time It’s a bit weird though, to see a modern days internet-rewiew with the unboxing and all, and plenty of photo documentation on an old set like this. We get 8 of them in this set, including 3 Airport personnel, a chopper pilot, a jet captain, 63396 security guard and 2 intrepid travelers. Prints are all classic town, and that classic smiley is timeless.

Thank you for the excellent review.

LEGO Town International Jetport (6396)

Ordering old MISB sets has become a guilty pleasure of mine over the past few years. This is the blurb written on the box interior. Posted February 28, Aside from a few sets Im looking at you !!! Review – – International Jetport. Its all very simple and honest.


Review – – International Jetport. – LEGO Town – Eurobricks Forums

As I fully intended to build this set, having broken seals was no issue. You’ve got great enthusiasm for the product and it made lwgo an interesting and entertaining review! Llego is the only step in the manual that has a piece call out, and a top down view of the build as opposed to the normal isometric view. It features a nice ball joint tow system, and more panels to fit more luggage. They look amazing, and are sorely missed from modern airports. Also there are no piece call outs or fancy backgrounds.

The plane is now being unloaded, and the passenger is ready to disembark.

Geez, old Classic Town airports are just so beautifully done. The great parts variation, bright colours and high playability typify the leyo age of Town Lego from the late 80s and early 90s.

I loved how this set along with Breezeway Cafe brought palm trees into the Town theme. Closer look on employees.