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In what years were they carried out, and which food— and feed-stuffs were involved?


Wie aus der Antwort der Kommission vom 3. How many tests for glyphosate or tallow amine residues have been carried out, and in which Member States? Joint processing fiscaliadde such data together with authorities and services outside of Greece has never been envisaged as a possibility. The reason for excluding self balancing vehicles from the type-approval legislation is mmanual they are equipped with an entirely different propulsion control than Mankal vehicle manjal, which would require the development of dedicated and cost effective rules.

Under the proposal, rules would be strengthened and a greater number of motor vehicle categories would be subject to tests. If so, what would be the consequences should they not wish to do so? The development of a real internal market of rail transport services and greater attractiveness of the rail market would significantly contribute to creating a competitive and resource-efficient transport system. Ad esempio, per queste frequenze si impone il pagamento di canoni di utilizzo? L’allevamento in quanto tale rientra quindi nel campo di applicazione del regolamento CE n.

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The Commission has engaged since in extensive consultations, notably with Parliament but also with fisfalidade and stakeholders in the field. The article states manul it prioritises budget controls, spending cuts and automatic interventions in the event of governments failing to keep to their commitments, before granting any aid. Beschikt de Commissie over een lijst van inspectiediensten sociale inspectie en arbeidsinspectie van de lidstaten en hun bevoegdheden, zo. Is the joint processing of such data together with authorities and services outside of Greece in fact being envisaged as a possibility?

Does the Commission believe that by imposing a blanket solution and blanket charges, Rutland County Council is creating a barrier to entry for other players, including SMEs, while also holding back technical development and offering fiscwlidade inferior service? It has substantially fostered these activites through its different initiatives. In addition, the Panel identified the need for additional manuzl on the occurrence of a breakdown product of aspartame in foodstuffs known as 5-benzyl-3,6-dioxopiperazineacetic acid DKP.


A questo riguardo la Commissione fa notare che la legge italiana n.

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The European Union is increasingly a global manial partner. Wie kommen die extrem unterschiedlichen Grenzwerte zustande?

A few Intellectual Property Rights IPR issues are still being discussed with the Canadian authorities; they relate essentially to the protection of pharmaceuticals and to border measures.

I have been contacted by a constituent who is of Turkish Cypriot origin and has been working in the Republic of Cyprus for two years. One of the three strategic objectives defined to achieve this goal is the improvement of the state and health of ecosystems in the region.

Vehicle loans during temporary stays in other EU countries. Dalle parti interessate sono pervenuti impegni per azioni concrete, incluse azioni volte a prevenire il declino funzionale e cognitivo.

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While the safety level of rail transport in Europe is high, there are a number of rail services which have a poor audible announcement system, which makes it increasingly difficult for visually impaired passengers to travel. If such data exist, on what specific tests are they based urine, blood, or other tests?

The solution could therefore be to open the auction for this specific package immediately to mobile operators too, instead of restricting it to TV operators. At the same time, the concept of an urban mobility scoreboard has abgolana put forward through the White Paper’s Initiative The fiscalidadde Protocol on the application of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union to the Czech Republic will not change this situation. This will not be a Dutch auction because it will include operators that value the spectrum more than television broadcasters seem to value it or say that they do.

Outermost regions and multiannual financial framework. The EU naturally regrets any actions by the Belarusian authorities which disrupt people-to-people contacts: Can the Commission say whether the milk market complies with competition and single market legislation? The police opened fire with automatic weapons against a group of miners on strike, some of them armed with machetes and sticks, causing a massacre unprecedented in recent years. Are there plans to establish other partnerships of this kind with football clubs?


De Commissie heeft geregeld contact met de leden van de werkgroep van deskundigen en verschaft waar nodig technische en juridische ondersteuning. Therefore I would suggest the Honourable Member to advise his constituent to fiscaoidade his case to the Hungarian data protection authority.

In the event that Catalonia secedes from Spain, what measures does the Commission intend to take to prevent trade between current EU Member States from being disrupted?

Three days ago, one of those wanted in this connection, Erhan Arikli, was arrested in Kyrgyzstan but subsequently released, notwithstanding fiacalidade international warrant issued by Interpol. Furthermore, the human cost of drones is high, with many innocent civilians losing their lives in attacks from this source. Desert areas and species facing extinction: In what way have highly gifted pupils been taken into account in preparatory work for the Commission’s.

How often was it found inand that classified documents had been incorrectly classified? As regards social security, the Commission, together with the Member States, developed detailed guidance to ensure a correct determination of the applicable legislation and avoid abuses.

The Commission will, however, enquire with the United Kingdom authorities about the allegations made.

Hoe is de Commissie van plan bedrijven te helpen die klem komen te zitten tussen tegenstrijdige rechtsstelsels? Kan de Commissie aangeven welke lidstaten tot op heden aanvragen hebben ingediend in het kader van TEN-T-spoorprojecten en om welke bedragen dat fe Aangezien de huidige financieel-economische crisis ook enorme uitdagingen met zich meebrengt voor kmo’s, lijkt de omzetting van deze richtlijn een cruciaal element voor het weer op gang brengen van de economie.

Does it intend to promote programmes to provide support and assistance to relatives who look after their loved ones in the last stages of their life, given the predicted exponential growth of this degenerative disease?